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Set Your Dental Practice Apart From Others

Dentistry is still a growing field, especially as more dentists and orthodontists attempt to join a well-established practice or open their own practice upon graduation. With a consistent surge in competition, setting your practice apart from others is getting increasingly difficult. In this article, we will offer some advice on what you can do to set your dental practice apart from the competition.

Begin By Thinking About The Best That Your Practice Offers

Standing out starts with you as the practice owner determining why you are a valuable asset to your community. Perhaps you have unique experience abroad, speak multiple languages, have an incredible ability to work with anxious children and quickly earn their trust, etc. When you determine what makes you unique, the hardest part is over!

Modernize Your Dental Practice With Easy-To-Use Technology, Like OrthoPhoto App

There are multiple ways to modernize your dental or orthodontic practice. Today, modern simplicity is winning everyone over. In addition to modernizing your practice’s interior, you could also turn to mobile technology that aids in dental record-keeping, such as OrthoPhoto App. OrthoPhoto App is our smartphone application that transforms how you track your patients’ dental braces progress. 

Rather than using bulkier, more complex, or poor-quality photo cameras, OrthoPhoto converts your smartphone camera into a tool for dental photography. Upon taking photos of your patients’ teeth as they progress through their dental braces treatment, the app automatically crops and sorts the dental photographs into a template. Not only does this speed up the process for your patient who is already pressed for time, but this also means you don’t need to spend much time after-hours sorting through your images.

Practice better dentistry with OrthoPhoto App for iOS here, or for Android here.

Market Your Dental Practice

For any business, marketing is the best way to generate more revenue. Keep new patients coming with an effective dental marketing strategy, complete with a brand new dental website, digital advertising, localized SEO, and even social media. Our affiliate marketing agency, INFINI Marketing, has a roster of dental practices they have successfully grown by designing and implementing custom marketing strategies.

It’s Possible To Make Your Dental Practice Stand Out Against Others

Whether you’re an orthodontist or a general/cosmetic dentist that offers dental braces treatment, it is completely possible to set your practice apart from others with the right tools and some creative thinking.

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Use OrthoPhoto App To Improve Your Dental Record-Keeping

Ever since smartphones became available, mobile apps have become a large part of everyday life for both work and entertainment purposes. In fact, there are multiple applications available that are specifically designed for dentists and orthodontists, including OrthoPhoto App. Read on to learn about how OrthoPhoto is helping over a thousand dentists and orthodontists practice better dentistry.

OrthoPhoto Is A Mobile Application Created For Dentists By A General Dentist

Dr. Kathy Nguyen, a practicing general dentist in Houston with a focus on dental braces, has experienced and witnessed the need that dentists have for a better way to track their patients’ dental braces progress during the course of their treatment so that dental recordkeeping could be easier and less time-consuming. She envisioned a mobile application for dentists and orthodontists that could capture, organize, and store the clinical images they take throughout a patient’s braces or Invisalign treatment.

Dr. Nguyen, her husband, and his business partner then designed and developed OrthoPhoto as a way to help dentists and orthodontists all over the country save time and focus on other aspects of their job, as well as quality time with family. OrthoPhoto has since improved the workflow of over 1,000 orthodontists and dentists that also offer dental braces.

OrthoPhoto Saves Time And Improves The Quality Of Life For Dentists And Their Patients

Prior to OrthoPhoto, busy dentists and orthodontists had to dedicate hours after work to uploading countless photos, crop them, put them in a slideshow format, and send them via email to later be stored in their patients’ files. On average, a single patient may take 15 minutes and multiple patients quickly amount to extra work, which means more work and less time with loved ones.

As a mobile app for dentists and orthodontists, OrthoPhoto has streamlined the tedious process of dental record-keeping and dental photography. Now, orthodontists can take their clinical images right on the application and rely on OrthoPhoto to do the rest! Patients spend less time at the office so they can get back to their responsibilities for the day and dentists can leave work at a reasonable time so they can be with their loved ones.

Thanks to OrthoPhoto App, 1,000 dentists (and counting) can have it all–they can dedicate time to providing better-quality care to their patients while also going home early enough to spend time with loved ones and make more memories. If you're ready to practice better dentistry, then please download OrthoPhoto App for iOS or OrthoPhoto App for Android.

Dentist office receptionist greeting a new patient

How To Easily Bring New Patients Into Your Dental Practice

If you want to keep patients coming on a regular basis so your dental or orthodontic practice remains busy, then you need to focus on providing the best patient experience you possibly can. In this article, we will discuss a few simple ways to improve your patient experience so that your established patients remain happy and the word gets out that new patients should visit your practice.

Offer Online Booking And Send Automated Reminders

COVID-19 has forced some dentists to introduce this option to their patients, but making it a permanent part of how you operate your practice is a fantastic way to improve your current patients’ experiences while also encouraging new patient visits at the same time.

We especially recommend this because even if your patients visit you for their hygiene and exam and book their next appointment as they leave, they might still forget by the time the next 6 months roll around. Further, sometimes patients will call to book an appointment only for the line to be busy. Let’s face it: your patients are busy. If you can’t answer their phone call right away, then when you call them back, they might be busy again and you’ll be engulfed in a long game of phone tag. Online booking, as well as automated text reminders, offer more convenience that encourages your patients to visit you on a regular basis and cultivates a better experience for both you and your patients. 

Send Surveys After A Patient’s Visit

Like with any business, customers/patients appreciate knowing that their opinion is valued because it means you care about catering to their needs as best as you possibly can. With that said, don’t send out surveys simply because you can. If you are going to send out surveys, please make sure to take the time to read your feedback and use it to continuously improve your practice operations.

Optimize Appointment Duration With OrthoPhoto

If you offer dental braces as one of your dental services, then you will see those patients far more often, which means you should make the most out of their visits with you during each adjustment appointment. OrthoPhoto is one of the many dental apps available, but it is specifically designed for orthodontists and dentists that offer braces. 

Rather than spending excessive time after-hours sorting through braces progress images, OrthoPhoto streamlines the process and automatically places photos you take on your smartphone into a pre-determined template that will be uploaded to designated patient files. Not only does this save you time, but it can also make your patient’s visit shorter and more pleasant. Here’s a bonus tip: if you regularly blog on your website, be sure to blog about how OrthoPhoto helps you practice better dentistry!

Download OrthoPhoto for Android and for iOS and enjoy improving the quality of your life while also reaping the benefits of additional patients!

Vector graphic of a brand new dental office opened during COVID-19

Opening A New Dental Practice During COVID-19

As states prepare to open back up, you may be ready to open your brand new dental or orthodontic practice. The problem is, though, that we are still in the middle of a pandemic, so restrictions and current policies mean that opening a new business is incredibly challenging right now. In this article, we will offer some tips on things to consider as you embark on this phase of your dental career.

Take Advantage of Financial Relief Packages

The government’s financial relief packages are exactly what dentists, as small business owners, need right now. Although this is new territory, it’s a learning experience for both new and established dentists who plan to open a practice.

Implement A Pre-Launch Marketing Campaign

Our affiliate marketing agency, INFINI Marketing, praises the idea of a pre-opening campaign as an effective way to generate awareness about your new dental practice. Whether this is the very first practice you're opening or if you have done this before, a launch campaign complete with dental website design and advertising will help you book appointments before you actually open. This means that once you open your doors, your practice can start earning revenue immediately and you won’t be a complete stranger in the community.

Embrace The Latest Technology In Dentistry, Including OrthoPhotoApp

If possible, it’s a great idea to consider new technologies to introduce when you open or a little further down the line. Some new technologies you should consider include practice management software that automates billing, helps manage every team member’s schedule, and keeps your team more organized. You may also want to automate appointment reminders and confirmations via text message.

Orthodontists–and general dentists that also offer dental braces–may also benefit from OrthoPhoto App, our mobile application that allows dentists to take their patients’ clinical images throughout the course of their braces treatment right on their smartphone. In addition to being able to use your smartphone as a braces camera, OrthoPhoto automatically places the images into a predetermined template with the correct image sizing and order and allocates each filled template to the corresponding patient’s file. OrthoPhoto App has over 1,000 subscribers who have felt a significant improvement in their dental record-keeping, quality of life, and patient experience. 

You can download OrthoPhoto App for iPhone from the App Store and for Android on Google Play.

Follow Above-Average Sterilization And Cleaning Procedures

This is something most dentists (and other healthcare providers) already do at their practice, but COVID-19 has made business owners and patients much more cautious of germs and cleanliness. Don’t fall short here; this time has changed some patients’ expectations and they will only go where they feel safest.

Don’t Let COVID-19 Stop You From Opening A New Orthodontic Practice

Many established and new businesses have greatly suffered during this time, but they don't have to. These tips are great if you want to succeed in opening and maintaining your new orthodontic practice during the pandemic and long after it.

Dental braces patient comparing metal braces with Invisalign

Dental Marketing: Blogging About OrthoPhoto App

Dentists and orthodontists often focus more on their work than on marketing their practice–and for good reason! Doing both by yourself is time-consuming and everyone wants to put most of their energy into what they’re best at. In this article, we will offer advice on how to easily blog like a pro as part of your dental practice marketing strategy.

First Things First: Is Your Website Set Up For SEO Success?

The purpose of blogging and generating fresh content for your business’s online presence is to improve your ranking on search engines so that you can be on the first page of search engines like Google. However, in order to achieve this, your website needs to be up to par. Our affiliate marketing agency, INFINI Marketing, offers a professional dental website for $249 per month complete with custom-written webpages for all of your services, perfect function and visibility on all devices, and optional upgrades to make your marketing strategy all the more effective. If you need a brand new website for your dental or orthodontic practice, then please contact INFINI Marketing to inquire about their Dental Website Package

Incorporating OrthoPhoto In Your Dental Blog

Once your dental website is up and running, upload your orthodontic photography and turn to blogging so you can reach a wider audience and strengthen your credibility as a dental healthcare professional. Blogs only have to be about 350 words long and can be about anything relating to your available treatments and what makes you different from other dentists as a way to encourage new patients to visit you instead of your competitors. 

For example, if you offer metal braces, Invisalign, or ceramic braces and use our mobile application, OrthoPhoto App, then you should regularly write blogs about braces and how OrthoPhoto helps you and your patients throughout the entire duration of their dental braces treatment. By constantly stating that this revolutionary mobile application shortens your patients' appointment duration and streamlines tracking dental braces progress, taking clinical images, and dental record-keeping, you will encourage more website visitors to convert into your newest patients thanks to the fact that you are a well-equipped dentist/orthodontist who values their time. 

Market Your Dental Practice To Regularly Welcome New Patients

If you have yet to download OrthoPhoto in order to improve the quality of your dental braces treatments, then please download it here for iOS and here for Android. Blogging about what you know is a great way to strengthen your brand, grow your practice, and boost your dental marketing strategy, affordably!