Dentist treating orthodontic patient that found them after dental marketing campaign

How To Market Your Dental Practice

Dentists and orthodontists should always market their respective practices because it is crucial for you to have a steady flow of new incoming patients. This ensures you can keep your practice open and that your team can continue working with you. Although it has always been important to market your practice, now more than ever it is even more important. Take advantage of this time to improve your dental marketing strategy by following these tips.

Invest In High-Quality Website Design

The success of your dental marketing strategy greatly depends on the success of your website. This is because Google Ads, Facebook Ads, social media content, and even reviews should all lead viewers and patients back to your website. It also needs to provide a modern, seamless, and user-friendly experience for the visitor on all devices. If you are in need of a brand new dental website, please contact INFINI Marketing to inquire about their Dental Website Package for $249/month.

Be Open About Your Uniqueness So That You Stand Out From Other Dentists And Orthodontists

A major component of a successful dental braces marketing strategy is always highlighting what makes you unique. As an OrthoPhoto App subscriber, you can (and should) openly state why this dental mobile application makes you a better orthodontist. By stating that this mobile application saves your patients’ some extra time at their dental braces appointments and makes dental record-keeping easier for you while protecting their information, you will encourage more website visitors to convert into your newest dental braces patients. Remember, OrthoPhoto is also helpful for dental photography.

In addition to communicating the added value that OrthoPhoto creates for your dental or orthodontic practice, it is important to state other new technologies or tools you have implemented in order to make patient visits all the more pleasant and to provide better patient education, such as these mobile applications for dentists.

Market Your Dental Practice To Expand It And Regularly Welcome New Patients

If you have yet to download OrthoPhoto, you can download it here for iOS and here for Android. Additionally, if you would like to appear on search engines, generate more leads, and have a steady stream of new patients, implementing a winning marketing strategy is sure to help your business.

dental braces patient getting orthodontic photography picture taken after completing orthodontic treatment

Different Cameras For Orthodontic Photography

Many orthodontists utilize photography as a way to manage their patients’ dental records and their progress through their dental braces treatment. However, orthodontic photography can be used for more than just record-keeping. In this blog post, we will discuss how orthodontists and dentists who offer dental braces can benefit from orthodontic photography and the best cameras to do so.

Dental Marketing With Orthodontic Photography

One reason why photography is valuable for orthodontists is that taking photos during the course of your patients’ braces treatments is a great addition to your overall dental marketing strategy. Real patient photos showcase the before/after of different dental braces treatments, so potential patients can see the value of your work.

Cameras For Orthodontists

Now that you know the value of dental photography, here are some cameras that orthodontists and general dentists who offer braces should consider.

DSLR Camera For Dental Braces

DSLR’s, such as those digital cameras by Canon or Nikon, take beautiful pictures and high-quality video. Newer digital cameras even shoot video in 4K, which is a great way to film patient testimonials that can later be uploaded to your dental practice’s website or social media. DSLRs also offer close-up (macro) lenses. However, all of these features make DSLR’s a bit of an investment and may do more than what you need.

Point-And-Shoot Cameras For Dentists To Take Braces Progress Images

Point-and-shoot cameras offer just enough for dentists to get the most use out of them, and they are far simpler to use than a DSLR because, as their name states, all they require from you is to point it and shoot the picture. Unfortunately, these photos lack the quality and clarity that DSLR’s offer. In order to really boost your dental marketing strategy with images, they need to be high-quality.

OrthoPhoto App’s Camera For Streamlined Dental Recordkeeping

OrthoPhoto App, which is now available for iOS and Android has successfully (and affordably) automated the time-consuming process of capturing and sorting treatment progress images for patients wearing dental braces. With a typical camera, dentists have to take the photos, upload them, manually crop and organize them into a file, and then place them into a patient’s file. OrthoPhoto App automatically places the braces progress photos into a template with the correct crop, size, and order and then places them in a specific patient file that is also easily exportable. You can learn more about why OrthoPhoto app is a must-have smartphone application for dentists and orthodontists here.

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Re-opening Your Dental Practice Soon? Use This Time To Make It More Inviting For New Patients

As the economy re-opens, many dentists and orthodontists are preparing to open their practices to patients again and they’re also hoping to greet new patients. Here are some tips on how to use this time to make your practice more appealing for new patients.

Evaluate Your Team’s Workflow

Everyone cares about saving time, especially when they have to make time for doctor’s appointments. It’s no secret that doctor’s visits tend to be extremely time-consuming, and although most dentists typically have shorter wait times, this isn’t the case for all. Now is a great time to review your team’s workflow. Evaluate the synergy between your team and how efficient your dental practice is. By making sure your team is quick and efficient (without sacrificing the quality of service), your new patients will realize just how much time they save and how much more pleasant their experience is at your practice. 

Introduce New Dental Technology And Tools

Today, many patients are searching for modernized dental offices because it suggests that they will receive higher quality dental or orthodontic care. One way to incorporate modern dental technology is by downloading OrthoPhoto App, which is now available on Google Play and the App Store. This smartphone application transforms your dental record keeping. The app lets you take clinical images of your orthodontic patients’ progress throughout their dental braces treatment. What’s more, OrthoPhoto App automatically crops and sorts the dental photographs into a template designed to be easily exportable. Not only does this speed up and simplify the dental photography and dental record-keeping process so you don’t need to spend much time after-hours sorting through your images, but patients will surely appreciate the shorter visit.

Patient Education

Following the importance of technology and apps for dentists is the importance of patient education. No one typically likes going to any healthcare professional without being educated on what symptoms they are experiencing or what their appropriate treatment will be. Many healthcare practitioners will simply complete their treatment without paying attention to what their patients may be feeling, which will result in dental care that lacks compassion, trust, and understanding. There are a number of mobile apps for dentists, each of which aid in educating patients and building a relationship based on trust.

As you prepare to see new patients again, these are some great tips to keep in mind if you want to make your practice more appealing to new patients and if you want to stand out from the competition.

Compassionate orthodontist checking patient's dental braces

What Patients Look For In A Good Orthodontist

As patients prepare to go back to their dentist, they may be considering switching dentists, which is great timing if you are looking to expand your dental practice and welcome new patients. Here is what patients look for in a genuinely good dentist or orthodontist besides their qualifications. 

A Compassionate Dentist

Unfortunately, some dentists tend to be closed off to their patients and just focus on performing the necessary treatment, but compassionate dentistry puts the patient’s comfort before anything else. 

Compassionate dentistry involves treating patients as more than a source of income and building a solid relationship based on trust and reliability. Before their appointment officially begins, we recommend for orthodontists to speak with their patients to see how they’re doing in life. Ask about any exciting news or plans and inquire about how their week has gone so far. 

During treatment, it’s always a good idea to walk them through the process. Explain what you’re doing, what your patient can expect, and tell them to let you know if something causes discomfort in their teeth or gums. This lets your patients know that you want them to be comfortable. Practicing compassionate dentistry encourages even the most introverted patients to feel safe telling you their concerns.

Modern Technology In Order For Orthodontists To Provide High-Quality Dental Care

In the last few years, orthodontics treatments such as Invisalign (and similar alternatives) have grown in popularity. Over the years, metal and ceramic dental braces have become lighter in weight so patients don’t feel as much pain or discomfort throughout their treatment. If dental braces are improving as the years go by, your technology should keep up.

This technology could include anything from:

  • 3D modeling (instead of typical molds for impressions)
  • New and improved 3D modeling for predicting and designing the course of your patient’s dental braces progress
  • Mobile applications that prioritize patient education
  • OrthoPhoto, our smartphone app that revolutionizes how orthodontists and general dentists who also offer braces can capture their patient’s dental braces progress

Instead of relying on a bulky camera and spending hours trying to sort dental records into your patients’ files, OrthoPhoto App streamlines this process by enabling dentists to take photos of all of their patients' braces progress right within the application. The photos are then automatically sorted into a pre-templated document that is easily exported and placed in the patient’s records. You can download OrthoPhoto for iOS here and OrthoPhoto for Android here.

dentist checking patient's dental braces progress

Improving Your Treatments With Advancing Dental Technology

Technology has come a long way over the years and each passing day seems to bring bigger and better technology. Technology makes our jobs easier and even helps us do our job better than ever, so there is no doubt that dentists and orthodontists can greatly benefit from investing in modern technology. Here are a few of the latest trends in dental technology that are worth keeping up with.

Dentists Are Going Digital

Not only are more dentists enforcing a paperless system of practice and patient management, but they are also using digital technology to aid in their procedures. 

More specifically, they are turning to 3D dental printers. These 3D dental printers enable dentists and orthodontists to create custom clear aligners to straighten their patients’ teeth and give them a healthier smile. Utilizing 3D printing helps cut production costs while also providing faster service to your patients without sacrificing quality.

Many dentists and orthodontists are using intraoral scanners to complete dental impressions, which aid in the development and execution of dental braces treatment. As intraoral scanners are improved upon, they provide precise measurements to ensure each impression is as accurate as possible while also minimizing the discomfort patients feel when getting impressions for dental braces.

Augmented Reality 

Although augmented reality may be used more often by students in dental school, augmented reality is here to stay and can add immense value to just about all industries. In dentistry, it can be used to demonstrate procedures and help patients visualize what treatment they will receive. 

Smartphones In The Workplace

Every day, more applications become available for smartphones, and websites become more mobile compatible. However, the applications you download do not have to be exclusive to your personal life and entertainment.

Envisioned by dentist Kathy Nguyen, OrthoPhoto App is a smartphone application for dentists that redefines dental record keeping. Rather than relying on a specific braces camera used in dental photography, uploading the images, cropping them, placing them in a slide show, and manually sorting them into patient files, dentists can now take their patients’ clinical images right on their mobile phone. 

The application automates this once lengthy process. After dentists and orthodontists capture the relevant clinical photos, OrthoPhoto will automatically place them into a template that organizes them in the correct format (crop, size, order) and places them in the designated and easily exportable patient file to help you save more time and become more efficient. With OrthoPhoto App, practice better dentistry and improve your own quality of life as well as your patients’. Download it today for iOS and Android.