Orthodontist smiling after saving hours of time on dental recordkeeping with OrthoPhoto

OrthoPhoto Makes Dental Recordkeeping Much Easier

New technology has revolutionized dental practices in a number of ways, for dentists and patients alike. Many dentists are investing in online tools and software that are designed to improve patient comfort, streamline communication with patients and insurance, and lead to more efficient office management. Another way you can modernize your dental practice is with the OrthoPhoto App, our groundbreaking dental recordkeeping app that replaces hours of paperwork with a user-friendly and comprehensive dental recordkeeping system, all with the click of a button! 

OrthoPhoto: a Dental Recordkeeping App Created For Dentists by a Dentist!

OrthoPhoto App was created by Dr. Kathy Nguyen, a practicing general dentist in Houston whose experience with tedious dental recordkeeping inspired her to find a better way to track her patients’ dental braces progress during the course of their treatment. She envisioned a mobile application for dentists and orthodontists that could capture, organize, and store the clinical images they take throughout a patient’s braces or Invisalign treatment. In doing so, it would make dental recordkeeping much easier and less time-consuming. 

Dr. Nguyen’s firsthand experience with inefficient dental recordkeeping inspired her to include important features she knew would benefit dentists and orthodontists the most. As a working mother, Dr. Nguyen most wanted to shorten the hours she was devoting to dental recordkeeping, which included uploading countless photos, cropping them to the proper size, loading them into a slideshow, and then saving them into individual patient files. On average, documenting a single patient’s dental braces photo would take about 15 minutes. For those with busy orthodontic practices, that equates to hours each day! 

Save Time and Take Better Ortho Photos with OrthoPhoto App

OrthoPhoto App is the very first ortho photo patient management app available. This revolutionary new tool has streamlined the tedious process of dental recordkeeping by capturing and organizing dental braces photos with ease. Our dental recordkeeping app has different subscription plans that allow for a customized experience. Once you select the plan that best fits your dental recordkeeping needs, you’ll use the high-quality dental braces camera to capture and store all your patients’ photos on our HIPAA-compliant app. Thanks to our user-friendly interface, it’s also easier than ever to access your patients’ dental braces photos and records in a matter of seconds.

OrthoPhoto Is Changing How our Subscribers Run their Practices

Thousands of dentists and orthodontists have subscribed to OrthoPhoto App and streamlined their practice management, as well as improved the patient experience. If you’re ready to elevate your practice with OrthoPhoto, download OrthoPhoto App for iOS or OrthoPhoto App for Android. We’re confident you’ll be satisfied by the hours of time you’ll save using our dental braces camera to modernize your dental recordkeeping!