Patient happy and giving the thumbs up after selecting new dentist

What Patients Look for When Picking Their New Dentist

With so many options to choose from, patients have the ability to find a dentist who offers everything they need and want in a dental practice. As a result, it’s important to understand exactly what patients look for when picking their dentist, as well as how to market those qualities effectively in order to remain competitive. The experts at OrthoPhoto App, the revolutionary dental recordkeeping app, are here to help you understand how to build a better patient experience in order to gain and retain new patients. 

Patient Considerations When Choosing a New Dentist

Of course patients want a skilled dentist who will provide the best possible care for themselves and their family, but there’s other aspects of your practice that new patients deem important, which means you should, too. Here are some aspects of your dental practice to consider in order to attract new patients. 

Is Your Office Aesthetically Pleasing?

Your waiting room and check-in desk are the basis for a patient's first impression of your office. If your furniture, decor, and finishes are outdated and worn, it suggests that your practice is, too. Modern, sleek designs not only show your attention to new trends in dentistry, such as the technological advances of digital x-rays and dental braces cameras, but also look clean and well-kept. Consider updating your office aesthetic with minimalist decor and a neutral color scheme. 

Does Your Office Use Modern Technology?

In our increasingly-digital world, patients want a dentist who embraces modern, state-of-the-art technology that can improve their experience, shorten the length of their appointments, and ease communication regarding scheduling and paperwork. Consider upgrading your technology to include online appointment scheduling and patient information forms, access to entertainment during appointments, and downloading useful tools like dental braces cameras and dental recordkeeping apps.

A beautiful, easy-to-use website is also important to patients choosing a new dentist. If your website is outdated, lacks mobile compatibility, and struggles to rank on search engines, then you may benefit from a new marketing strategy. Our affiliate marketing agency, INFINI Marketing, offers a custom dental web design package for $249/month and will take the time to create a stunning website that ranks on search engines and is also conversion-optimized so that you can quickly generate more leads and treat new patients.

Is Your Staff Friendly and Responsive?

A visit to the dentist can cause many patients to feel anxious and uncomfortable, so when these patients try to schedule and appointment or come in for a visit, they need to feel at ease. Unfortunately for too many dental practices, the staff are stressed and overwhelmed by paperwork and dental recordkeeping, which can negatively impact patient communication. Investing in the OrthoPhoto App will drastically reduce the number of hours your staff once spent documenting dental braces photos by doing the tedious work of dental recordkeeping with the click of a button. The reduction in menial tasks allows your staff to better focus on the type of positive communication that attracts and retains patients.

OrthoPhoto App Can Modernize Your Dental Practice

Thousands of dentists and orthodontists have subscribed to OrthoPhoto App, attracting new patients and streamlining their practice management. If you’re ready to elevate your practice with OrthoPhoto, download OrthoPhoto App for iOS or OrthoPhoto App for Android. We’re confident you’ll be satisfied by the hours of time you’ll save using our dental braces camera to modernize your dental recordkeeping!