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Build Your Dental Practice’s Online Presence

Gone are the days when a dental practice can rely on word-of-mouth referrals alone, and it’s necessary for dental practices to grow a strong online presence in order to bring in new patients. What’s more, for traffic that comes to your webpage, you only have a few seconds to make an impression before the average internet user moves on to a new page. You need tools and strategies in place to ensure you bring prospective patients to your site and keep them there long enough to call and make their first appointment. 

Establish a Strong Social Media Presence

Apps like Instagram and TikTok may be most closely associated with teenagers and beauty influencers, but they are powerful tools for all businesses, including dentists and orthodontists. The more you expose your practice and vision for patient care online, the more traffic you can expect to receive from potential clients. These platforms are a great place to showcase information about your business and share before and after braces progress with braces images. This will allow visitors to see authentic clinical images and visualize the kind of braces progress they hope to achieve for themselves.

Install OrthoPhoto App and Streamline your Practice

Every dental practice knows to have a user-friendly and informative website, but many dental practices overlook the importance of functional mobile versions of their websites. An even more effective technology solution is the OrthoPhoto App for iOS and Android, which allows dentists and orthodontists to save and update patient records, including clinical images of your patients’ orthodontic braces progress. Designed by a dentist to be used by dentists and orthodontists, you can use the app to take clinical photos of of your patients’ teeth in the proper format. These braces images are then automatically saved into a templated file, significantly reducing the time spent updating dental records. What’s more, you can make your adoption and use of the OrthoPhoto App as a marketing strategy, as it shows prospective patients that you and your practice utilize the latest technology and invest in strategies that allow you more time to focus on their needs. 

Invest in Dental Marketing 

In the marketing world, a visually-appealing and user-friendly experience is necessary for success. If your website is outdated, lacks mobile compatibility, and struggles to rank on search engines, then your custom marketing strategy and branding message won’t get far. Our affiliate marketing agency, INFINI Marketing, offers a custom dental web design package for $249/month and will take the time to create a stunning website that ranks on search engines and is also conversion-optimized so that you can quickly generate more leads and treat new patients.

With INFINI Marketing, you can reach a wider audience of prospective patients who are looking for the services you provide, allowing your practice to grow exponentially. With their impressive roster of dental clients, Google Ads and Facebook Ads expertise, proven local SEO strategies, and more, you will stand out against other dental practices and build customer loyalty. Contact INFINI Marketing today for a free dental marketing consultation if you're ready to expand your dental practice!

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3 Ways OrthoPhoto App Helps You Practice Better Dentistry

Every day new smartphone applications are made available to professionals, including dentists and orthodontists. OrthoPhoto App is a revolutionary smartphone application that is transforming the way they practice dentistry. In this article, we will address 3 common problems that OrthoPhoto alleviates for dental professionals.

OrthoPhoto Saves Time

Before OrthoPhoto, busy orthodontists and general dentists who offer dental braces treatments had to take the time after-hours to upload all of the photos they had taken of their patients’ dental braces progress. Once uploaded, they had to follow with cropping the photos, placing them in the correct slideshow format, and sending them via email so they could later be stored in patient files. On average, a single patient may take 15 minutes, and although this may not seem like much on the surface, multiple patients quickly add up to a few hours at a time that could instead be spent with their loved ones, engaging in hobbies, and/or resting. When orthodontists use OrthoPhoto App on their smartphone, all they need to do is select the patient folder and take the dental braces progress photos–the application will automatically take care of the rest and put it into an easily exportable format.

OrthoPhoto App Creates A Better Patient Experience

As passionate as dentists and orthodontists are about their jobs, the fact remains that many patients dread dental appointments, and dental braces patients aren’t an exception. Most patients just want to get in and get out and minimize dental anxiety. OrthoPhoto App makes this possible with its smooth, error-free ease of use.

OrthoPhoto App Makes Dental Recordkeeping A Faster, Easier Process

Our mobile application for dentists has various plans that allow for varying amounts of patient files depending on the plan you subscribe to. Once dentists and orthodontists pick the plan that works best for them, all of the photos they have taken of their patients’ dental braces progress will remain safely stored on our HIPAA-compliant app. Whenever dentists and orthodontists need to reference patients’ dental records, it’s as easy as completing a search on the app. With its short loading times, dentists and orthodontists can pull complete dental records in the palms of their hands, in a matter of seconds. 

OrthoPhoto Has Changed How Over 1,000 Dentists And Orthodontists Run Their Practices

With over 1,000 subscribers, we are so excited to see how OrthoPhoto is revolutionizing dental braces care. If you’re ready to elevate your practice with OrthoPhoto, download OrthoPhoto App for iOS or OrthoPhoto App for Android.

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How to Approach Dental Anxiety in Your Patients

Dental anxiety is not unheard of. In fact, it’s a very real concern for many patients which can hold them back from getting the optimal dental care they deserve. However, the best dentists and orthodontists have the right tools/training and compassion to help ease their patients’ nerves. In this article, we offer our best tips that can help in caring for anxious orthodontic patients.

Compassion Is Always The Way To Go

Many dentists are kind and compassionate. After all, their caring nature may be why they chose to pursue this profession. However, as compassionate as you may be, you might also wonder just how much you should say when working with a patient who suffers from dental anxiety. If you have an anxious patient, it’s okay to approach the matter by asking them about their past dental experiences and understanding their triggers. Actively listening to your patients and taking notes of their concerns works wonders for easing them. Sometimes, anxious patients just want to feel heard because they weren’t at their previous dentist or orthodontist. 

Modernizing Your Orthodontic Practice

A modern dental practice is one that prioritizes patient comfort, and this goes a long way with patients who have a fear of dentists. Here are our favorite tips for modernizing your orthodontic practice (LINK). Think about creating as relaxing a setting as possible.

Ensure Your Orthodontic Practice Is A Well-Oiled Machine

Making certain that your office runs smoothly is a great way to reassure your anxious patients that they are in a good place that cares about them, their health, and their time. Putting emphasis on team synergy will help patients become more at ease around your staff because they know what to expect and trust you.

Install OrthoPhoto To Practice Better Dentistry And Save Your Patients Time

For many who are anxious, the longer something takes to be over with, the worse the anxiety becomes. Save time in whatever way possible for all your patients. One of the best ways to do so is by installing OrthoPhoto App, which is available on the App Store and on Google Play. Designed by a dentist for other dentists, OrthoPhoto automates the hours-long process of taking dental braces photos of your patients’ teeth throughout the course of their orthodontic treatment and sorting them. Rather than relying on another dental braces camera, you can open the app, take the clinical images, and your device will automatically place each photo in the right patient file. Photos are taken quickly in the right format and automatically filed. Bonus tip: you can boost your dental marketing strategy by talking about how OrthoPhoto App separates you from other orthodontists, building the confidence your patients have in you. 

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Evaluate Your Dental Office's Performance

If you’re an orthodontist who owns your dental office, it’s a good idea to regularly get with your team to evaluate your practice’s performance and determine if there are any changes that could be made for the better. Here are some questions you can ask that will give your team some insight into how to improve your operations.

Do Your Patients Wait Longer Than 10 Minutes Before They Are Called?

Let’s face it, dentist appointments can be a dread for many, and patients need to go back to school or work after their appointment, so the less time they spend waiting, the better. Not only does waiting feel like a waste of time for many, but it also might increase dental anxiety in some patients. 

If your patients have to wait longer than 8-10 minutes, it’s time to make some changes. We recommend gathering as much information as possible about patients before their scheduled appointment. Have your front desk staff ask if any patient information has changed. If it has, then it’s a great idea to only give patients the paperwork that needs updating. If none of their info has changed, then it’s much easier to ensure they get called back in time. 

Another method of improvement is to automatically provide patient paperwork through an online portal or via email or text a few days prior to their appointment. Also, consider putting a late-patient and/or no-show policy in place to discourage schedule disruption.

Does Your Dental Practice Embrace Mobile and Tablet Technology?

Let’s be honest–technology isn’t going anywhere. When it comes to improving your workflow and the patient experience, technology solutions can be great for both your patients and you as their orthodontist.

OrthoPhoto App for iOS and Android is a HIPAA-compliant orthodontic application created by Dr. Kathy Nguyen. It allows dentists and orthodontists to take clinical images of their patients’ orthodontic braces progress and automatically saves the records for easy reference.

With OrthoPhoto, dentists and orthodontists can take pictures of their patients’ dental braces progress throughout their treatment right on the app. It automatically places the images into a templated file, which you can save and export with ease for dental record-keeping. Dentists and orthodontists no longer need to dedicate extra hours after the office is closed to handle a mountain of patient records.

Is Your Dental Office Creating The Right Environment For Anxious Patients?

It’s no secret that a dental check-up every 6 months is crucial for healthy teeth, but some patients suffer from anxiety when it comes to going to the dentist. In this case, setting up a relaxing environment can work wonders for easing patients’ worries and working more comfortably and confidently with them. Simple things like an updated paint job can make all the difference. 

There Is Always Room To Improve Your Dental Patient Experience

It’s a good idea to always stay on top of your team’s day-to-day efforts so you can get rave reviews and grow your practice. Now is the perfect time to implement some changes so you can practice better dentistry and create a better patient experience.

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Upgrade Your Dental Technology This Year

Technology for dentists has come a long way over the years. Not only does it make our job as dentists and orthodontists easier, but it also helps our patients feel like they are in great hands every time we see them! However, as more dentists implement advanced technologies, you might fall behind. Here are a few of the latest trends in dental technology that are worth keeping up with.

Dentists Are Going Digital With Impressions For Dental Braces

Impressions are rather uncomfortable for the patient and, if the patient is extremely uncomfortable, it can be difficult for you as their dentist to get good-quality impressions that will aid in your treatment plan. 

Digital impressions are a much more comfortable and efficient way to obtain molds of your patients’ bites, so many dentists and orthodontists are turning to intraoral scanners instead. These scanners provide precise measurements to ensure each impression is as accurate as possible while also minimizing the discomfort patients feel when getting traditional impressions.

3D Imaging For Dental Braces Treatment Planning

When dentists and orthodontists plan their patients’ braces treatment, they often get X-rays so they can get a close look at their malocclusion, thus helping them determine the right treatment. However, X-rays are only 2D. Although a great dentist can come up with an effective treatment plan, 3D imaging takes things to the next level and gives dentists an even more detailed view of their patients’ mouths. 3D imaging has made braces all the more customized and effective.

Smartphones in the Workplace With OrthoPhoto App

Every day, more applications become available for smartphones, and websites become more mobile compatible. However, the applications you download do not have to be exclusive to your personal life and entertainment.

Envisioned by Houston dentist Dr. Kathy Nguyen, OrthoPhoto App is a smartphone application that redefines dental record keeping. Rather than relying on a specific braces camera used in dental photography, uploading the images, cropping them, placing them in a slide show, and manually sorting them into patient files, dentists can now take their patients’ clinical images right on their mobile phone.

The application automates this once lengthy process. After dentists and orthodontists capture the relevant clinical photos on their smartphones, OrthoPhoto will automatically place them into a template that organizes them in the correct format (crop, size, order) and places them in the designated and easily exportable patient file to help you save more time and become more efficient. With OrthoPhoto App, practice better dentistry and improve your own quality of life as well as your patients’. You can download OrthoPhoto for iOS here and for Android here.