Benefits of Digital Orthodontic Records

Benefits of Digital Orthodontic Records

A dental recordkeeping app has many benefits that traditional paper records don’t offer. Your practice will immediately notice the difference in convenience and time spent. It’s time to utilize modern technology to drive your dental office forward. OrthoPhoto is the very first patient management app that aims to improve your workflow so you can spend more time with your family. Learn more about the advantages of going digital and paperless with your dental recordkeeping. 

Improve Efficiency With a Dental Recordkeeping App

Digital dental recordkeeping eliminates the need to search through physical files. You can easily retrieve your patients’ dental braces photos with a few taps on your phone. OrthoPhoto was designed to save time and take better photos. Simply upload the photos, and the app will automatically save them to their corresponding patient files. OrthoPhoto has a user-friendly interface to encourage swift navigation and optimize your office workflow.

Maximize Accuracy in Dental Recordkeeping

Manually sorting each patient file increases the chances of errors. Handwritten notes or paper records gradually degrade over time. When you go digital, you lessen human mistakes and improve the precision of your dental recordkeeping. You also ensure security since digital files can be protected with passwords, reducing the chances of tampering.

Reduce the Need for Storage Space

Physical files take up a lot of space in your dental office, especially if you’ve been in business for years. You’ll no longer have this problem with our dental recordkeeping app. You can eliminate the paper records that accumulated over the years so you can save costs on storage.

Gain Accessibility Features

Through OrthoPhoto, you can keep all your patient files on your phone. This means you can access them anywhere even when you’re not in the office. Authorized personnel can pull up dental braces photos if they have remote consultations. You can easily share cases with fellow medical professionals.

Maximize Patient Engagement

OrthoPhoto not only stores pictures from a dental braces camera, but it also saves patient contact information. Conveniently pull up a patient’s phone number or email address while going through their dental photos. Give your patients visual aids so they get a better understanding of their treatment. Electronic dental recordkeeping allows your patients to track their progress through the months. You’ll see your patient satisfaction go up when you go digital.

Save Time and Download a Dental Recordkeeping App

OrthoPhoto improves efficiency, accuracy, security, and accessibility compared to manual records. Take high-quality photos and enjoy user-friendly OrthoPhoto screens. Our dental recordkeeping app has all the essentials you need to capture and sort patient photos. It’s time to grow with the changing times through our HIPAA-compliant app. Download OrthoPhoto today on Google Play or the App Store!

Ways to Modernize Your Dental Practice

Ways to Modernize Your Dental Practice

When running a dental practice, it’s important to keep up with the latest advancements so your business stays at the top. There are many opportunities to upgrade, especially when it comes to dental recordkeeping systems. OrthoPhoto is the very first patient management app that allows you to save time by taking better dental braces photos. Modernizing your dental practice improves the quality of the patient care you provide, which in turn will help you stay competitive and profitable.

Embrace New Management Apps

When taking dental braces photos, do you find yourself uploading the images to your computer and manually sorting them to their corresponding patient folders? This process takes up a lot of your time—time that you could be spending with your family. With a dental recordkeeping app like OrthoPhoto, you eliminate tedious tasks, saving you time and effort.

How a Dental Recordkeeping App Works

All you need to do is to open your smartphone and take pictures of your patients. OrthoPhoto will automatically save the images to their corresponding patient files that you’ve created. You can easily pull up your patients’ photos and contact information with a few taps of a button. Through OrthoPhoto documentation, you can maximize your workflow and eliminate tasks that can be accomplished by technology. Focus on providing the best patient care and expanding your practice while OrthoPhoto takes care of dental recordkeeping.

Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategies

Dental professionals benefit greatly from digital marketing, an important tool that drives businesses forward. Practically everyone utilizes digital marketing in some way, proving that it’s a necessity if you want to modernize your brand. Is your website up to date with the latest techniques in SEO and user-friendly features? If you need help building your website, our affiliate marketing agency, INFINI Marketing, offers dental web design packages. Your online presence will be optimized to yield the best results and patient conversions.

Update Your Communication Tools

Do you have high customer engagement on your social media accounts? Majority of patients prefer to communicate online rather than on the phone. Make sure your online communication tools are working seamlessly. Aside from letting you manage dental recordkeeping, OrthoPhoto also provides easier access to patient records. This way, you can retrieve a patient’s contact information quickly without having to sift through other apps. 

Upgrade Your Dental Recordkeeping With OrthoPhoto

Taking a high-quality photo on your dental braces camera is as simple as opening the OrthoPhoto app. This modern dental recordkeeping system lets you save time while taking better orthophotos. Do you want to increase the productivity and customer satisfaction at your dental practice? It’s time to grow with the changing times through our easy-to-use and effective management app that is also HIPAA-compliant. Download the app today on Google Play or the App Store!

4 Ways to Modernize Your Dental Practice & Better Retain Patients

4 Ways to Modernize Your Dental Practice & Better Retain Patients

As modern technology pushes the world to greater heights, the dental industry is riding the same wave and reaping the benefits. Whether you’re just starting out as a dental practitioner or have been in business for years, you understand the role of digital tools in better retaining your patients. One such software is OrthoPhoto, the very first patient management app that lets you save time and streamline dental recordkeeping. Continue reading on how to modernize your practice.

Integrate the Latest Technology

OrthoPhoto is a dental recordkeeping app that provides you with all the essentials that a traditional dental braces camera can never give. Before its inception, dentists would take dental braces photos and manually upload them on their computer. They will then rename the files and sort them one by one only to save them on patient folders that they’ve painstakingly created. All of that tedious work is erased with OrthoPhoto. Now, with a few taps on your mobile device, you can manage patient photos in a quick and convenient way. Learn more about the app’s features here.

Utilize Modern Communication Tools

Aside from letting you manage dental recordkeeping, OrthoPhoto also provides easier access to patient records. Simply input patient information alongside their corresponding ortho photo folder. This way, you can retrieve a patient’s phone number and email quickly without having to sift through other apps. You can also view their latest photo within seconds. OrthoPhoto encourages better communication, which can help you retain more patients. 

Update to a User-Friendly Website

These days, patients’ attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. To capture their eye, you need a straight-to-the-point website with catchy marketing slogans and quality images. Your website needs to be user-friendly for all ages and must contain the most important information about your dental practice. If you need help building your website, our affiliate marketing agency, INFINI Marketing, offers dental web design packages. Stand out in the modern era through SEO tactics that will let you reach a wider audience.

Expand Through Digital Marketing

INFINI Marketing helps you expand your dental practice through a strong social media strategy. They provide comprehensive digital marketing services, which includes expertly timed posts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. All of your potential patients know how to use the internet and will likely find you through one of the platforms mentioned above. Staying active on the most popular social channels gives you a better chance of retaining your digital-minded audience. Get a free marketing consultation with INFINI Marketing today.

Modernize Dental Recordkeeping With OrthoPhoto

Save time and take better OrthoPhotos when you take advantage of the latest advancement in dental recordkeeping. Taking a high-quality ortho photo is as simple as opening the app. Your OrthoPhoto screen helps you maximize office workflow through swift navigation. You get all the OrthoPhoto essentials in our HIPAA-compliant app. Download the app today on Google Play or the App Store!

Why Dentists Need OrthoPhoto for Dental Recordkeeping

Why Dentists Need OrthoPhoto for Dental Recordkeeping

For the longest time, dentists had to experience the tedious task of taking patient photos, uploading them manually, making sure the specs are right, then sorting them into individual folders. Back then, this was the only option for dental recordkeeping and tracking the progress of ortho patients. But now, thanks to advances in digital technology, dental professionals can streamline the process and save hours of their valuable time. This is made possible by OrthoPhoto, a mobile app designed to improve patient management.

Manage Your Time Better

As a healthcare provider, your time and energy are precious to you and your patients. But beyond your work, you have a family waiting for you at home. You can now stop wasting your nights uploading photos from your old-school dental braces camera then processing them individually. OrthoPhoto allows you to bypass this chore. All you have to do is to open the app and take dental braces photos using your smartphone. The app will automatically sort them into a photo template and save them to their corresponding patient files. The time you save can now be spent with the ones you love. 

Improve Your Workflow

Our dental recordkeeping app allows you to create and check patient records with ease. Photos are automatically uploaded in the correct sequence, size, and format. The high-quality photos let you track your patient’s progress more accurately. Need to email a patient and share files? OrthoPhoto lets you do just that and more while maintaining its user-friendly function. All of these features contribute to a more efficient workflow, which you’ll notice right away.

Provide Quality Patient Care

You’re not the only one who’ll be able to tell the difference once you start using OrthoPhoto. Your patients will also appreciate the innovative addition to their dental experience. Not to mention, you attract more patients who are looking for modern dental care. People love advances in technology because it makes their lives easier at the touch of a button. OrthoPhoto is an incredible tool to help you provide the best dental care because after all, that’s the goal of your practice. Patients want the best results from their orthodontic treatment, and our dental recordkeeping app is in line with that goal.

Improve Your Dental Recordkeeping Process Today!

Save time and take better orthophotos with a mobile app that enhances the dental recordkeeping process. OrthoPhoto is the very first patient management app that you need in your practice today. It captures brilliant dental braces photos while complying with HIPAA regulations. Download it today on Google Play or the App Store. Get unlimited patient records, unlimited photos, and unlimited exports all in a single account. We’ve even partnered with INFINI Marketing for an exclusive offer to help your business grow. Learn more about it here!

Have You Tried OrthoPhoto App for Better Dental Recordkeeping?

Have You Tried OrthoPhoto App for Better Dental Recordkeeping?

Modern dentists have access to a variety of tools intended to improve their practices. From mobile apps to procedural equipment, new technology has profoundly impacted the dental industry. The sheer number of new developments can be overwhelming, and adopting too many new tools at once can be counterproductive. The best approach when introducing new technology is to research and select tools that will be the most beneficial to your practice. Our revolutionary OrthoPhoto App should be at the top of your list, as this dental recordkeeping app is indispensable in maintaining an efficient and organized practice. If you haven’t tried our dental braces camera to improve your dental recordkeeping, keep reading to see why OrthoPhoto App is taking the dental industry by storm.

A Dental Recordkeeping App Created By A Dentist For Dentists

Houston dentist, Dr. Kathy Nguyen, knew there had to be an easier way for dentists to track their patients’ braces progress and maintain their dental records. The traditional method of dental recordkeeping required her to take dental braces photos during regular office hours, then spend hours tediously uploading, cropping, and organizing these photos into each patient’s file. She envisioned a mobile app that could streamline the dental recordkeeping process and give her more time with her family in the evening.  With the help of her husband and his business partner, Dr. Nguyen created the OrthoPhoto App for dentists and orthodontists everywhere to improve their practices. Thanks to OrthoPhoto App’s dental braces camera and user-friendly interface, countless dentists have improved their office workflow and significantly decreased the time once spent on dental recordkeeping.

The New Method of Dental Recordkeeping

For dentists looking for an easier way to track their patients’ progress with dental braces photos, OrthoPhoto is the solution. Here’s what our dental recordkeeping app can do for your practice:

High-Resolution Dental Braces Photos

With the OrthoPhoto App, you can use our dental braces camera to capture clinical images right from your smartphone instead of relying on expensive DSLR cameras or point-and-shoot cameras that produce low-resolution images. Our dental braces camera lets you better track your patients’ progress by capturing clear, high-resolution dental braces photos. What’s more, these images are automatically saved in the proper format, saving you time and streamlining the dental recordkeeping process. 

Automated Dental Recordkeeping

With our dental recordkeeping app, your dental braces photos are placed into a template with the correct crop, size, and order before saving them in the patient’s file. This automated process means you no longer have to devote hours to capturing, editing, and filing dental braces photos. 

Save Time and Take Better Photos with Our Dental Recordkeeping App 

OrthoPhoto App is an essential component of the modern dental practice. If you haven’t tried our dental braces camera and established a more efficient method of dental recordkeeping, don’t waste any more of your valuable time. Download our dental recordkeeping app foriPhone and Android devices, and save time with better ortho photos.