Orthodontist smiling after gaining new patients with OrthoPhoto App

Our Top Tips for Attracting and Retaining New Orthodontic Patients

If you’ve been feeling like your orthodontic practice isn’t growing at the rate you envisioned—or is even losing patients to your competition—there are certain strategies you can use to attract and keep more dental braces patients. Keep reading to learn how smart marketing techniques and modern technology, such as braces cameras and dentist apps, can revive your dental practice!

Our Best Tips for Growing Your Dental/Orthodontic Practice

Tip 1: Establish a Clear Brand 

Nothing gets a potential new patient’s attention faster than straightforward branding. Since most people turn to the internet when researching new services, you need to make a memorable first impression that will encourage them to explore your site. Think about how to best hook someone seeking the services you offer: does the persona speak to the traits most patients want from an orthodontic practice? Do you have a simple and inviting logo? Are the colors pleasing to the eye? Is there a clear call to action that effectively convinces a potential patient they’ll see better results with your dental practice than elsewhere.

Tip 2: Stand Out from the Competition

There are many dentists that offer dental braces. What makes your orthodontic practice special? Do you have modern amenities that aren’t available at another practice? Sometimes simple changes like more comfortable chairs, softer lighting, and modern technology can have a huge impact. The revolutionary OrthoPhoto app can help you stand out from the competition, as it helps streamline dental recordkeeping by using braces cameras to track braces progress easily, thereby creating a better patient experience. 

Tip 3: Incentivize Customer Reviews

Your loyal and satisfied patients are your greatest asset for attracting new families seeking an orthodontic practice for dental braces, as research shows we rely on customer reviews more than any other tactic when selecting service providers. Incentivize your patients to leave 5-star reviews for the services you provide, citing specific attributes to encourage others to make an appointment. When it comes to dental braces and orthodontic practices, most prospective patients seek compassion, expert care, and convenience. The OrthoPhoto app is designed to give you more time by capturing braces photos and filing them automatically, easily tracking braces progress and saving you hours of tedious paperwork. That extra time can be directly returned to patient care, which your orthodontic dental braces patients will surely notice and even share with others online!

Tip 4: Invest in Dental Marketing for Your Orthodontic Practice

Our increasingly-technological world necessitates a strong online presence,which can be achieved with a reputable marketing company with proven results. Our affiliate marketing agency, INFINI Marketing, offers clients a dental web design package for $249/month, which includes a beautiful and user-friendly website that will help you reach a wider audience of prospective patients. Their years of experience working with dental and orthodontic practices has allowed them to gain a strong understanding of Google Ads and Facebook Ads expertise, proven local SEO tactics that allow you to stand out against the competition and cultivate customer loyalty. Contact INFINI Marketing today for a free dental marketing consultation if you're ready to expand your dental practice!

Using the OrthoPhoto App Attracts New Orthodontic Patients

If you’re looking to grow your orthodontic practices and streamline your recordkeeping, install the OrthoPhoto App for iOS or OrthoPhoto App for Android today! This app allows dentists to take high-quality clinical images in order to track braces progress using a braces camera. These clinical photos are organized and stored to your patients’ online records with the click of a button, saving you the hours once lost to seemingly-endless paperwork. You can also advertise your use of this modern technology on your website, which draws prospective patients seeking a state-of-the-art dental practice. Come see why countless dentists and orthodontists are growing their practice with the OrthoApp.