close-up image of teeth with dental braces

Using OrthoPhoto For Dental Braces Treatment

Dental photography is a crucial component of dentistry that aids in dental marketing, as well as essential record-keeping. There are different cameras used by dentists and orthodontists when photographing their dental braces patients, and OrthoPhoto is the superior option. In this article, we will compare other dental photography cameras to OrthoPhoto App.

DSLR Cameras for Dental Record-Keeping

DSLR’s, such as those by Canon or Nikon, take beautiful pictures, as well as 4K video if you get a newer model. These cameras are often recommended to orthodontists due to their excellent quality for taking photos of their patients’ teeth throughout the course of their dental braces treatment. 

However, DSLR’s do tend to be on the pricier side, especially since they offer plenty of features that go beyond the scope of a dentist’s or orthodontist’s needs, so the extra money may be hard to justify.

Point-And-Shoot Cameras For Dental Photography

Point-and-shoot cameras offer just enough for orthodontists to get the most use out of them. They are also a lot more user-friendly than a DSLR because, as the name suggests, all you need to do with this type of camera is point it and take the picture. Its ease of use, however, means that the photos aren’t taken in the best quality and clarity.

OrthoPhoto Works Wonders For Dental Photography

OrthoPhoto has successfully automated the time-consuming process of capturing and sorting images of your patients’ dental braces progress. With a typical camera, orthodontists and general or cosmetic dentists who offer dental braces treatments have to take the photos, upload them, manually crop and organize them into a file, and then place them into the right patient’s file. A single patient may take 15-30+ minutes, so dentists and orthodontists often spend a lot of time after closing just getting this task done. With OrthoPhoto App, however, orthodontists can take photos right on their smartphone camera, and today’s smartphones have astounding capabilities that keep getting better!

OrthoPhoto App also automatically places the braces progress photos into a templated document with the correct crop, size, and order and then places them in a specific patient’s file. This significantly cuts down the time it takes to organize braces photos so dentists can dedicate their energy to resting and making memories with loved ones after they close their office for the day.