Dentist uses tablet to improve online presence

Build Your Dental Practice’s Online Presence

Gone are the days when a dental practice can rely on word-of-mouth referrals alone, and it’s necessary for dental practices to grow a strong online presence in order to bring in new patients. What’s more, for traffic that comes to your webpage, you only have a few seconds to make an impression before the average internet user moves on to a new page. You need tools and strategies in place to ensure you bring prospective patients to your site and keep them there long enough to call and make their first appointment. 

Establish a Strong Social Media Presence

Apps like Instagram and TikTok may be most closely associated with teenagers and beauty influencers, but they are powerful tools for all businesses, including dentists and orthodontists. The more you expose your practice and vision for patient care online, the more traffic you can expect to receive from potential clients. These platforms are a great place to showcase information about your business and share before and after braces progress with braces images. This will allow visitors to see authentic clinical images and visualize the kind of braces progress they hope to achieve for themselves.

Install OrthoPhoto App and Streamline your Practice

Every dental practice knows to have a user-friendly and informative website, but many dental practices overlook the importance of functional mobile versions of their websites. An even more effective technology solution is the OrthoPhoto App for iOS and Android, which allows dentists and orthodontists to save and update patient records, including clinical images of your patients’ orthodontic braces progress. Designed by a dentist to be used by dentists and orthodontists, you can use the app to take clinical photos of of your patients’ teeth in the proper format. These braces images are then automatically saved into a templated file, significantly reducing the time spent updating dental records. What’s more, you can make your adoption and use of the OrthoPhoto App as a marketing strategy, as it shows prospective patients that you and your practice utilize the latest technology and invest in strategies that allow you more time to focus on their needs. 

Invest in Dental Marketing 

In the marketing world, a visually-appealing and user-friendly experience is necessary for success. If your website is outdated, lacks mobile compatibility, and struggles to rank on search engines, then your custom marketing strategy and branding message won’t get far. Our affiliate marketing agency, INFINI Marketing, offers a custom dental web design package for $249/month and will take the time to create a stunning website that ranks on search engines and is also conversion-optimized so that you can quickly generate more leads and treat new patients.

With INFINI Marketing, you can reach a wider audience of prospective patients who are looking for the services you provide, allowing your practice to grow exponentially. With their impressive roster of dental clients, Google Ads and Facebook Ads expertise, proven local SEO strategies, and more, you will stand out against other dental practices and build customer loyalty. Contact INFINI Marketing today for a free dental marketing consultation if you're ready to expand your dental practice!