About OrthoPhoto

For many years, Houston dentist, Kathy Nguyen has seen the need for a more efficient way of tracking her dental patients’ progress photos throughout their orthodontic treatment process.

These records typically consist of each patient’s start, progress, and/or finish photos. After a patient's photos are taken, the images must be uploaded from the camera, cropped, edited, displayed on a PowerPoint presentation, converted to PDF, and then finally scanned into the patient’s chart.

As a working mother of two young children, Dr. Kathy Nguyen found herself often working late into the night after her kids' bedtimes to update patient ortho photos. It was a cumbersome process. She would often tell her husband, Dan, that she wished there was a smartphone app that could capture photos within the same template that she used to scan into her patients’ charts. This would simplify the procedure greatly, allowing her to dedicate more time to working on her patients, learning more about dentistry, and spending time with her family.

Teaming up with Dan's business partner, Vincent, and their marketing team, the Nguyen’s envisioned, designed, and created OrthoPhoto. Our fully automated, time-saving mobile application is simple and intuitive to use; it makes record-taking for orthodontic cases more efficient and effortless.

How exactly does the unique, user-friendly OrthoPhoto app save dentists and orthodontists time? The app streamlines the time-consuming process by taking photos in the correct order and automatically sorting them into a photo template, while also keeping a secure, HIPAA-compliant record of the each patient’s file according to its corresponding date.

OrthoPhoto app has revolutionized the workflow in Dr. Nguyen's own Houston dental practice, but her ultimate vision is to see her app helping other dentists and their staff all over the nation. OrthoPhoto saves valuable time and energy on tedious office work, freeing dentists to focus on more important things, like treating and caring for their patients and spending more time with their loved ones.