A dentist using the OrthoPhoto app

Ways to Modernize Your Dental Practice

When running a dental practice, it’s important to keep up with the latest advancements so your business stays at the top. There are many opportunities to upgrade, especially when it comes to dental recordkeeping systems. OrthoPhoto is the very first patient management app that allows you to save time by taking better dental braces photos. Modernizing your dental practice improves the quality of the patient care you provide, which in turn will help you stay competitive and profitable.

Embrace New Management Apps

When taking dental braces photos, do you find yourself uploading the images to your computer and manually sorting them to their corresponding patient folders? This process takes up a lot of your time—time that you could be spending with your family. With a dental recordkeeping app like OrthoPhoto, you eliminate tedious tasks, saving you time and effort.

How a Dental Recordkeeping App Works

All you need to do is to open your smartphone and take pictures of your patients. OrthoPhoto will automatically save the images to their corresponding patient files that you’ve created. You can easily pull up your patients’ photos and contact information with a few taps of a button. Through OrthoPhoto documentation, you can maximize your workflow and eliminate tasks that can be accomplished by technology. Focus on providing the best patient care and expanding your practice while OrthoPhoto takes care of dental recordkeeping.

Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategies

Dental professionals benefit greatly from digital marketing, an important tool that drives businesses forward. Practically everyone utilizes digital marketing in some way, proving that it’s a necessity if you want to modernize your brand. Is your website up to date with the latest techniques in SEO and user-friendly features? If you need help building your website, our affiliate marketing agency, INFINI Marketing, offers dental web design packages. Your online presence will be optimized to yield the best results and patient conversions.

Update Your Communication Tools

Do you have high customer engagement on your social media accounts? Majority of patients prefer to communicate online rather than on the phone. Make sure your online communication tools are working seamlessly. Aside from letting you manage dental recordkeeping, OrthoPhoto also provides easier access to patient records. This way, you can retrieve a patient’s contact information quickly without having to sift through other apps. 

Upgrade Your Dental Recordkeeping With OrthoPhoto

Taking a high-quality photo on your dental braces camera is as simple as opening the OrthoPhoto app. This modern dental recordkeeping system lets you save time while taking better orthophotos. Do you want to increase the productivity and customer satisfaction at your dental practice? It’s time to grow with the changing times through our easy-to-use and effective management app that is also HIPAA-compliant. Download the app today on Google Play or the App Store!