Dentist using mobile app on smartphone to view dental braces photos for dental recordkeeping

Benefits of Using a Mobile App for Dental Recordkeeping

The dental industry has seen its fair share of evolution as a result of advancing technology. Clinical practices, patient communication, and even dental recordkeeping have all reaped the benefits of an increasingly-digital world. This can be seen through the development of mobile apps, such as the OrthoPhoto App, which is paving the way for dentists to streamline the dental recordkeeping process by better capturing, organizing, and storing dental braces photos. Those who have made the switch to the OrthoPhoto App for their dental recordkeeping can tout the multitude of benefits it provides. Here, we’ll explain how our dental recordkeeping app saves time with better ortho photos and why you should make the switch for your practice.

OrthoPhoto App for Better Dental Recordkeeping

Quality dental braces treatment requires tracking the progress of treatment through a series of dental braces photos. Before the OrthoPhoto App, dentists spent a great deal of time capturing these images with a dental braces camera, cropping them, saving them in the proper format, and organizing them into patient files for future access. This time-consuming process made appointments stressful for dentist and patient alike, as well as reduced the amount of time spent on actual treatment. Now, with the OrthoPhoto App, dental recordkeeping is practically done for you! Using a high-quality dental braces camera, OrthoPhoto will automatically place them into a template that organizes them in the correct format and patient file with the click of a button.

Benefits of Our Dental Braces Camera for Your Dental Practice

Here are some of the many reasons to switch to a mobile app like the OrthoPhoto app for your practice’s dental recordkeeping: 

Saves Time and Reduces Stress

When you get the hours back you once spent on the tedious dental recordkeeping process, you have more time for your patients, your family, and yourself. Imagine how much stress can be alleviated by eliminating unnecessary tasks and focusing instead on the things you love to do. 

Improves Patient Care

With traditional dental recordkeeping, much of the time during patient appointments was spent capturing dental braces photos instead of conferring with the patient. Getting that time back means more time spent on consultations, exams, discussing treatment options, and more. Patients feel important, seen, and heard when you’re looking at them instead of a camera lens or computer screen.

Attracts New Patients Looking for Modern Dental Care

Today’s patient is in search of a modern dental experience that streamlines communication and care. When you use the revolutionary technology of the OrthoPhoto App, you’re showing your patients that you’ve invested in upgrades to your practice, thereby demonstrating your commitment to excellence in patient care.

Save Time with Better Ortho Photos

OrthoPhoto App is the very first ortho photo patient management app. Now you can use our dental braces camera to take high-quality clinical images, which are then organized and stored so you can access patients’ online records with the click of a button, saving you hours once lost to manual dental recordkeeping. Download our dental recordkeeping app foriPhone and Android devices, and save time with better ortho photos.