Two dentists using a tablet for recordkeeping

Benefits of Digital Orthodontic Records

A dental recordkeeping app has many benefits that traditional paper records don’t offer. Your practice will immediately notice the difference in convenience and time spent. It’s time to utilize modern technology to drive your dental office forward. OrthoPhoto is the very first patient management app that aims to improve your workflow so you can spend more time with your family. Learn more about the advantages of going digital and paperless with your dental recordkeeping. 

Improve Efficiency With a Dental Recordkeeping App

Digital dental recordkeeping eliminates the need to search through physical files. You can easily retrieve your patients’ dental braces photos with a few taps on your phone. OrthoPhoto was designed to save time and take better photos. Simply upload the photos, and the app will automatically save them to their corresponding patient files. OrthoPhoto has a user-friendly interface to encourage swift navigation and optimize your office workflow.

Maximize Accuracy in Dental Recordkeeping

Manually sorting each patient file increases the chances of errors. Handwritten notes or paper records gradually degrade over time. When you go digital, you lessen human mistakes and improve the precision of your dental recordkeeping. You also ensure security since digital files can be protected with passwords, reducing the chances of tampering.

Reduce the Need for Storage Space

Physical files take up a lot of space in your dental office, especially if you’ve been in business for years. You’ll no longer have this problem with our dental recordkeeping app. You can eliminate the paper records that accumulated over the years so you can save costs on storage.

Gain Accessibility Features

Through OrthoPhoto, you can keep all your patient files on your phone. This means you can access them anywhere even when you’re not in the office. Authorized personnel can pull up dental braces photos if they have remote consultations. You can easily share cases with fellow medical professionals.

Maximize Patient Engagement

OrthoPhoto not only stores pictures from a dental braces camera, but it also saves patient contact information. Conveniently pull up a patient’s phone number or email address while going through their dental photos. Give your patients visual aids so they get a better understanding of their treatment. Electronic dental recordkeeping allows your patients to track their progress through the months. You’ll see your patient satisfaction go up when you go digital.

Save Time and Download a Dental Recordkeeping App

OrthoPhoto improves efficiency, accuracy, security, and accessibility compared to manual records. Take high-quality photos and enjoy user-friendly OrthoPhoto screens. Our dental recordkeeping app has all the essentials you need to capture and sort patient photos. It’s time to grow with the changing times through our HIPAA-compliant app. Download OrthoPhoto today on Google Play or the App Store!