Dentist using OrthoPhoto App with patient during appointment

Have You Tried OrthoPhoto App for Better Dental Recordkeeping?

Modern dentists have access to a variety of tools intended to improve their practices. From mobile apps to procedural equipment, new technology has profoundly impacted the dental industry. The sheer number of new developments can be overwhelming, and adopting too many new tools at once can be counterproductive. The best approach when introducing new technology is to research and select tools that will be the most beneficial to your practice. Our revolutionary OrthoPhoto App should be at the top of your list, as this dental recordkeeping app is indispensable in maintaining an efficient and organized practice. If you haven’t tried our dental braces camera to improve your dental recordkeeping, keep reading to see why OrthoPhoto App is taking the dental industry by storm.

A Dental Recordkeeping App Created By A Dentist For Dentists

Houston dentist, Dr. Kathy Nguyen, knew there had to be an easier way for dentists to track their patients’ braces progress and maintain their dental records. The traditional method of dental recordkeeping required her to take dental braces photos during regular office hours, then spend hours tediously uploading, cropping, and organizing these photos into each patient’s file. She envisioned a mobile app that could streamline the dental recordkeeping process and give her more time with her family in the evening.  With the help of her husband and his business partner, Dr. Nguyen created the OrthoPhoto App for dentists and orthodontists everywhere to improve their practices. Thanks to OrthoPhoto App’s dental braces camera and user-friendly interface, countless dentists have improved their office workflow and significantly decreased the time once spent on dental recordkeeping.

The New Method of Dental Recordkeeping

For dentists looking for an easier way to track their patients’ progress with dental braces photos, OrthoPhoto is the solution. Here’s what our dental recordkeeping app can do for your practice:

High-Resolution Dental Braces Photos

With the OrthoPhoto App, you can use our dental braces camera to capture clinical images right from your smartphone instead of relying on expensive DSLR cameras or point-and-shoot cameras that produce low-resolution images. Our dental braces camera lets you better track your patients’ progress by capturing clear, high-resolution dental braces photos. What’s more, these images are automatically saved in the proper format, saving you time and streamlining the dental recordkeeping process. 

Automated Dental Recordkeeping

With our dental recordkeeping app, your dental braces photos are placed into a template with the correct crop, size, and order before saving them in the patient’s file. This automated process means you no longer have to devote hours to capturing, editing, and filing dental braces photos. 

Save Time and Take Better Photos with Our Dental Recordkeeping App 

OrthoPhoto App is an essential component of the modern dental practice. If you haven’t tried our dental braces camera and established a more efficient method of dental recordkeeping, don’t waste any more of your valuable time. Download our dental recordkeeping app foriPhone and Android devices, and save time with better ortho photos.