Two dentists and a patient

Why Dentists Need OrthoPhoto for Dental Recordkeeping

For the longest time, dentists had to experience the tedious task of taking patient photos, uploading them manually, making sure the specs are right, then sorting them into individual folders. Back then, this was the only option for dental recordkeeping and tracking the progress of ortho patients. But now, thanks to advances in digital technology, dental professionals can streamline the process and save hours of their valuable time. This is made possible by OrthoPhoto, a mobile app designed to improve patient management.

Manage Your Time Better

As a healthcare provider, your time and energy are precious to you and your patients. But beyond your work, you have a family waiting for you at home. You can now stop wasting your nights uploading photos from your old-school dental braces camera then processing them individually. OrthoPhoto allows you to bypass this chore. All you have to do is to open the app and take dental braces photos using your smartphone. The app will automatically sort them into a photo template and save them to their corresponding patient files. The time you save can now be spent with the ones you love. 

Improve Your Workflow

Our dental recordkeeping app allows you to create and check patient records with ease. Photos are automatically uploaded in the correct sequence, size, and format. The high-quality photos let you track your patient’s progress more accurately. Need to email a patient and share files? OrthoPhoto lets you do just that and more while maintaining its user-friendly function. All of these features contribute to a more efficient workflow, which you’ll notice right away.

Provide Quality Patient Care

You’re not the only one who’ll be able to tell the difference once you start using OrthoPhoto. Your patients will also appreciate the innovative addition to their dental experience. Not to mention, you attract more patients who are looking for modern dental care. People love advances in technology because it makes their lives easier at the touch of a button. OrthoPhoto is an incredible tool to help you provide the best dental care because after all, that’s the goal of your practice. Patients want the best results from their orthodontic treatment, and our dental recordkeeping app is in line with that goal.

Improve Your Dental Recordkeeping Process Today!

Save time and take better orthophotos with a mobile app that enhances the dental recordkeeping process. OrthoPhoto is the very first patient management app that you need in your practice today. It captures brilliant dental braces photos while complying with HIPAA regulations. Download it today on Google Play or the App Store. Get unlimited patient records, unlimited photos, and unlimited exports all in a single account. We’ve even partnered with INFINI Marketing for an exclusive offer to help your business grow. Learn more about it here!