Dentist sits in modern office holding tablet with dental recordkeeping app

Modernizing Your Dental Practice is Essential for Staying Competitive

The dental industry has become remarkably competitive in recent years thanks to significant changes in approaching patient care, office operations, marketing strategies, and emerging technology. Whether you’ve been managing your practice for years or are fresh out of dental school, employing a modern approach is imperative to running a successful dental practice and attaining new patients. It’s no longer feasible to rely on word-of-mouth referrals and operate without an online presence that appeals to potential patients, the vast majority of whom will search for a new dentist online. With the right dental marketing strategy and bringing new technology, such as our dental recordkeeping app that tracks orthodontic progress with a groundbreaking dental braces camera and dental recordkeeping system, you can remain competitive in this ever-evolving industry and provide top-notch patient care. 

Strategies to Modernize Your Dental Practice 

Here are some techniques that can easily be incorporated into your dental practice to attract new patients and retain those you already have.

Embrace New Technology 

The dental industry is evolving to meet the needs of patients and dental professionals alike with  innovative technological solutions to patient care and office operations. As such, more and more dentists are employing these tools, making those who have yet to do so less desirable to the modern patient. Potential patients are looking to receive streamlined communication, state-of-the-art care, and time-efficient treatment that this new technology provides, and if you’re not offering it to them, they can easily find it elsewhere.

One way to easily introduce new technology to your dental practice is to download our OrthoPhoto App, which improves the patient experience and streamlines dental recordkeeping for you and your staff. Our revolutionary tool turns your smartphone into a dental braces camera that captures, crops, and stores your dental braces photos into patient files that are easy to locate. This tool not only reduces the hours spent on dental recordkeeping, but it also improves patient care by more effectively tacking dental braces progress.

Invest in Digital Marketing

Today’s consumer uses the internet for nearly everything. The same goes for those on the hunt for a new dentist. Without a strong online presence, your dental practice cannot remain competitive. Begin with an informative, easy-to-navigate website that clearly explains the services you offer, ways to easily communicate with patients, and an SEO-driven approach that brings more users to your page. Also consider the value of social media marketing, especially with younger potential patients.

Our affiliate marketing agency, INFINI Marketing. For $249/month, you can invest in their dental web design package, which includes an appealing and user-friendly website so you can reach a wider audience of prospective patients. Their years of experience working with dental and orthodontic practices has allowed them to gain a strong understanding of Google Ads and Facebook Ads expertise, as well as proven local SEO tactics that allow you to stand out against the competition and cultivate customer loyalty. If you’re ready to bring your practice into the modern era, contact INFINI Marketing today for a free dental marketing consultation

Modernize Your Dental Practice with the OrthoPhoto App

Our groundbreaking dental recordkeeping app is one of the easiest ways to bring your dental practice into the modern era while also streamlining the dental recordkeeping process, saving you hours spent on tedious paperwork that must often be completed at home. OrthoPhoto App, which is available on the App Store and on Google Play, automates this process, giving you those hours back to focus more on patient care at the office and time for yourself and your family at home. Come see what so many dentists have switched from traditional dental recordkeeping methods and downloaded the OrthoPhoto App today.