cartoon of dentist using OrthoPhoto App to take pictures of their patient's dental braces progress

OrthoPhoto App Versus Other Cameras Used In Dental Photography

Dental photography is a crucial component of dentistry that aids in marketing and record-keeping. Here are different cameras used by dentists and orthodontists when photographing their dental braces patients and how they compare to OrthoPhoto App for iOS.

Recommended Cameras for Dentists and Orthodontists 

There are a few different cameras used by dentists and orthodontists when they want to track their patients’ braces progress. The two most common dental cameras are as follows:

DSLR Cameras for Dental Photography

DSLR’s, such as those by Canon or Nikon, take beautiful pictures, as well as HD video. Newer cameras even shoot video in 4K, which is excellent for testimonials that you can then upload to your website and social media. Combine a DSLR with a macro (close-up) lens and you will take great photos of your patient’s teeth. This makes DSLR cameras ideal because they work for marketing purposes and record-keeping purposes. There is a downside though. They are on the pricey side and tend to offer too many features that go beyond a dentist’s needs, so it may not be worth the extra money.

Point-And-Shoot Cameras for Dentists to Take Clinical Orthodontic Images

Point-and-shoot cameras offer just enough for dentists to get the most use out of them, and they are far simpler than a DSLR because, as their name suggests, all you need to do is point it and shoot the picture. The trade-off with these is that the photos may not be the best quality, so even though it works really well for dental and orthodontic record-keeping, it may not be ideal for marketing purposes.

OrthoPhoto App Smartphone Camera for Braces Progress Images

OrthoPhoto has successfully automated the time-consuming process of capturing and sorting progress images for dental braces patients, affordably. With a typical camera, dentists have to take the photos, upload them, manually crop and organize them into a file, and then place them into a patient’s file. A single patient may take 15-30+ minutes, so dentists often spend a lot of time after-hours getting this necessary task done. With the mobile application, however, dentists can take photos right on their smartphone camera, and today’s smartphones have astounding camera capabilities that keep getting better, so this is great for marketing your practice!

The mobile app automatically places the braces progress photos into a templated document with the correct crop, size, and order and then places them in a specific patient’s file. This significantly cuts down the time it takes to organize braces photos so dentists and orthodontists can dedicate their energy to other aspects of their job. 

Dental photography for patient records doesn't have to be a long process. Spend less time maintaining records and more time with loved ones with OrthoPhoto App for iOS.