Dentist holds phone while using the dental recordkeeping app, OrthoPhoto

How Does Orthophoto Work?

Many dentists are looking to technological advances to better their practices. Mobile dental apps, like our groundbreaking OrthoPhoto App, have a number of tools designed to save you time and simplify your work, such as high-quality dental braces cameras and more streamlined ways to track patient progress with dental braces photos. If you’ve been hesitant to commit to OrthoPhoto’s dental recordkeeping app, rest assured that its user-friendly interface is a breeze to navigate, even for technology novices. We’ll explain how easy it is to implement OrthoPhoto in your practice and significantly improve your dental recordkeeping process.

OrthoPhoto: Created by a Dentist for Dentists

Houston dentist Dr. Kathy Nguyen created OrthoPhoto App after experiencing first-hand the tedious process of traditional dental recordkeeping. After years of spending her evenings sorting, cropping, saving, and organizing the many dental braces photos she took each day, she told her husband that she wished there was some kind of mobile application for dentists that could better track her patients’ dental braces progress. 

Dr. Nguyen and her husband created OrthoPhoto for dentists everywhere to spend less time on dental recordkeeping and more time focusing on their patients and their families. OrthoPhoto has since improved the workflow at Dr. Nguyen’s office, and it’s time for other braces dentists to experience the same.

How Our Dental Recordkeeping App Works

For dentists looking for an easier way to track their patients’ progress with dental braces photos, OrthoPhoto is the solution. Here’s what our dental recordkeeping app can do for your practice:

An Easy-to-Use Dental Braces Camera

The OrthoPhoto App allows you to capture clinical images right from your smartphone, eliminating the need for bulky, expensive DSLR cameras or point-and-shoot cameras that result in low-quality photos. 

High-Resolution Dental Braces Photos

Our in-app camera not only captures clear dental braces photos of your patients’ teeth, it also does so in the proper format, making the dental recordkeeping process far less time-consuming. 

Automated Dental Recordkeeping

The application automatically places the dental braces photos into a template with the correct crop, size, and order before saving them in the patient’s file. This automated process gives dentists back the hours once spent capturing, editing, and filing dental braces photos. Since dental recordkeeping is often completed at home after the work day is over, OrthoPhoto gives dentists a chance to use this time for themselves and their families. 

Streamline Your Dental Recordkeeping with OrthoPhoto

If you’re a dentist who uses a dental braces camera to track your orthodontic patients’ treatment progress, it’s time to consider using our dental recordkeeping app instead. Not only will OrthoPhoto save you time, it also reduces the stress often associated with important, but tedious tasks like dental recordkeeping. Download OrthoPhoto App for iOS or OrthoPhoto App for Android and elevate your dental practice today!