figure of a mouth with dental braces on it in a dental practice

3 Ways OrthoPhoto App Improves Your Dental Practice

Technology has a way of helping most professionals do their job better and more efficiently. This is no different for dentists and orthodontists who utilize OrthoPhoto App as part of their day-to-day operations. In this article, we’ll discuss 3 ways OrthoPhoto is changing the way dentists and orthodontists operate and how this tool helps them practice better dentistry.

OrthoPhoto App Helps Dentists And Orthodontists Save Time

Prior to the release of OrthoPhoto, busy orthodontists, as well as dentists who offer dental braces or Invisalign had to take the time after-hours to upload all of the photos they’ve taken of their patients’ dental braces progress. Once uploaded, they would crop individual photos, place them in the correct format, and send them via email so they could later be stored in the right patient files. On average, a single patient would take 15 minutes, and although this may not seem like much on the surface, 15 minutes per patient quickly adds up when sifting through countless photos. Rather than taking the time to rest and recharge, dentists were stuck at the office until late.

OrthoPhoto App enables dentists and orthodontists to streamline this process right on their smartphones. If you subscribe to OrthoPhoto, next time you take a patient’s braces progress photos, you simply need to select their folder and take the dental braces progress photos right on your phone. The application automatically takes care of the rest and puts your photos into an easily exportable format. Searching for specific photos is also far easier now with the in-app search function.

OrthoPhoto App Encourages A Better Patient Experience

As passionate as dentists and orthodontists are about their jobs, the fact remains that many patients dread their dental appointments, even more so if they are dental braces patients. Most of the time, patients are eager to get in and get out so they can go back to school or work. By letting dentists and orthodontists work more quickly and efficiently, patients also reap the benefits. 

OrthoPhoto App Makes Dental Recordkeeping A Faster, Seamless Process

Our application has various plans that allow for different amounts of patient files. Once dentists and orthodontists pick the plan that works best for them, all of the photos they have taken of their patients’ dental braces progress will remain safely stored and easily found on our HIPAA-compliant app. With its fast loading times, dentists and orthodontists can pull complete dental records in the palms of their hands and in a matter of seconds. 

OrthoPhoto Has Changed How Over 1,000 Dentists And Orthodontists Run Their Practices

With over 1,000 subscribers (and counting) and different plans to meet different needs, we are so excited to see how OrthoPhoto is revolutionizing dental braces care. If you’re ready to elevate your practice with OrthoPhoto, download it here for iOS and here for Android