young student wearing dental braces on her first day of school

Welcoming Patients During The Back To School Slowdown

As in-person school starts up again, parents need to start a new routine that varies greatly from the routine they have followed over the last year and a half. With this transitional period comes a lot of changes in your patients’ schedules, which explains why your dental or orthodontic practice may be receiving a lot of cancellations lately. But don’t worry; in this article, we will discuss what you can do to ensure you nurture your existing patients and encourage new patient visits while things are slow. 

Be Flexible And Allow For Simple Scheduling And Rescheduling

Patients find it a hassle to go through so many hoops when trying to schedule or reschedule an appointment. To remedy this, we recommend the following, which will work wonders for keeping your current patients and bringing in new patients:

  • Redesigning your website so it allows for online scheduling (though you have to be sure to confirm scheduled appointments with every visitor)
  • Allowing for reschedules via SMS text

Invest In Dental Marketing For Your Dental/Orthodontic Practice

Speaking of revamping your dental website design, marketing is a sure way to generate new patient leads but remember that the success of your overall dental marketing strategy greatly depends on the success of your web design. Why? Because Google Ads, Facebook Ads, social media content, and even reviews should all lead viewers and patients back to your website. It also needs to be a seamless and user-friendly experience for the visitor on all devices. INFINI Marketing, our affiliate marketing agency, offers a conversion-optimized Dental Website Package for $249/month. 

Modernize Your Dental/Orthodontic Practice

There are several ways to modernize your practice both in terms of its look/feel and the patient experience. You can read our previous blog about ways to modernize your orthodontic practice. Some notable methods include redecorating the space and also downloading OrthoPhoto App, our revolutionary dental record keeping app. 

OrthoPhoto App is a HIPAA-compliant orthodontic application created by Dr. Kathy Nguyen for iOS and Android. It enables dentists and orthodontists to take clinical images of their patients’ orthodontic progress and automatically saves the records in the correct template and in designated folders. These dental records are also easily exported and dentists and orthodontists no longer need to dedicate extra hours after closing to handle a mountain of patient records. You can download OrthoPhoto for iOS here and for OrthoPhoto for Android here.