Dentist working with dental patient to review dental health

If You Notice These Issues, Your Dental Practice Could Use Some Changes

Dental practices and orthodontic practices must be efficient, but if your practice isn’t as efficient as your competitor’s, the good news is that efficiency can always be improved upon. When you make it a goal to reassess your practice’s efficiency, you will see vast improvements in your team as well as in your patient experience. In this article, we will discuss some warning signs that indicate your practice could use some improvement in its day-to-day efficiency.

Scrambling Between Appointments

One of the most obvious (and detrimental) signs that suggest your practice is lacking efficiency is if your team is scrambling between appointments due to a lack of organization. How your team executes its different tasks directly affects their individual efficiency and productivity, as well as everyone else’s. 

To remedy this, we recommend combining treatments when possible. For example, you could combine crown prep with another treatment. If you have to do fillings and a crown, starting with the fillings will allow you to complete the crown prep in a more timely manner. If there is any downtime during another treatment, use that downtime to work on something else.

Excessive Front Office Paper Clutter

Clutter is one of the best ways to impede efficiency. If the staff at your dental or orthodontic practice spends more time sifting through papers than working with patients or attending to other tasks, going completely paperless may be the best solution. Though it takes time, making a little progress every day makes a big difference until, eventually, your office is completely paperless and spends only seconds pulling up important documents. 

Using Mobile Technology, Like OrthoPhoto, Can Help Make Your Dental Practice More Efficient

There is always new tech made available, including mobile apps for orthodontists such as OrthoPhoto App, which boasts over 1,000 subscribers! 

OrthoPhoto App is our HIPAA compliant orthodontic mobile application which serves as a braces camera that dentists and orthodontists utilize in order to take clinical images of their patients’ dental braces progress. Using your smartphone, take pictures of your patients’ teeth throughout their dental braces progress. The smartphone application automatically places the images into a predetermined template and you can assign each exportable document to individual patient folders with ease.

Dentists and orthodontists no longer need to dedicate extra hours after the office is closed to handle a mountain of clinical images that document different phases in braces treatment. Download OrthoPhoto App today on the App Store and on Google Play so you can practice better dentistry!