Model of teeth with different colored dental braces next to variety of dental tools

Technology Is Changing How Dentists And Orthodontists Practice

It’s no secret that technology is ever-evolving, and through its countless improvements, there is a general consensus that technology changes our personal and professional lives for the better. In this article, we will break down the top technology trends that have changed the way dentists and orthodontists practice, and how they can better harness these technologies to expand their practices.

Teledentistry Is Making Dental Healthcare More Accessible

Telemedicine wasn’t something anyone expected to see anytime soon, but the COVID-19 pandemic the world continues to fight caused a dire need for remote healthcare. Although teledentistry may have more constraints than regular telemedicine, the fact remains that patients feel better knowing that they can attend a digital consult to find out if they need to go into the office for further care.

Digital X-rays And 3D Imaging For Better Orthodontic Care

X-rays are a tried and true method for spotting dental health issues–such as cavities or wisdom teeth eruption–early on. Today, many orthodontists can utilize 3D x-rays to take a more accurate and detailed look at a patient’s mouth.

3D imaging has gained popularity as a better, easier, and more effective method for orthodontists to map out how their patients’ dental braces treatment will progress. As a rising technology for orthodontists and general dentists, we recommend that you look into offering 3D imaging and x-rays as a way to provide greater value to your patients.

OrthoPhoto App Streamlines Dental Recordkeeping And Tracking Dental Braces Progress

Created by dentist Kathy Nguyen for other dentists who offer dental braces and/or Invisalign, OrthoPhoto App is a smartphone application that has redefined how thousands of practicing dentists and orthodontists take critical photos of their patients’ dental braces progress. 

Rather than relying on a bulky dental camera that may or may not take high-quality photos and spending hours after your office has closed to upload the photos, crop them, place them into a document, and manually store them in your patient files, OrthoPhoto lets dentists do all of this right on their smartphones. Capture dental braces photos on the app with your smartphone camera and watch as OrthoPhoto App automatically sizes them, places them into a template, and organizes them into the designated patient folders in an easily exportable format.

OrthoPhoto App has successfully enabled over 1,000 orthodontists and dentists to practice better dentistry while simultaneously improving their quality of life and that of their patients’. Download OrthoPhoto for iOS here and OrthoPhoto for Android here.