Vector graphic of a brand new dental office opened during COVID-19

Opening A New Dental Practice During COVID-19

As states prepare to open back up, you may be ready to open your brand new dental or orthodontic practice. The problem is, though, that we are still in the middle of a pandemic, so restrictions and current policies mean that opening a new business is incredibly challenging right now. In this article, we will offer some tips on things to consider as you embark on this phase of your dental career.

Take Advantage of Financial Relief Packages

The government’s financial relief packages are exactly what dentists, as small business owners, need right now. Although this is new territory, it’s a learning experience for both new and established dentists who plan to open a practice.

Implement A Pre-Launch Marketing Campaign

Our affiliate marketing agency, INFINI Marketing, praises the idea of a pre-opening campaign as an effective way to generate awareness about your new dental practice. Whether this is the very first practice you're opening or if you have done this before, a launch campaign complete with dental website design and advertising will help you book appointments before you actually open. This means that once you open your doors, your practice can start earning revenue immediately and you won’t be a complete stranger in the community.

Embrace The Latest Technology In Dentistry, Including OrthoPhotoApp

If possible, it’s a great idea to consider new technologies to introduce when you open or a little further down the line. Some new technologies you should consider include practice management software that automates billing, helps manage every team member’s schedule, and keeps your team more organized. You may also want to automate appointment reminders and confirmations via text message.

Orthodontists–and general dentists that also offer dental braces–may also benefit from OrthoPhoto App, our mobile application that allows dentists to take their patients’ clinical images throughout the course of their braces treatment right on their smartphone. In addition to being able to use your smartphone as a braces camera, OrthoPhoto automatically places the images into a predetermined template with the correct image sizing and order and allocates each filled template to the corresponding patient’s file. OrthoPhoto App has over 1,000 subscribers who have felt a significant improvement in their dental record-keeping, quality of life, and patient experience. 

You can download OrthoPhoto App for iPhone from the App Store and for Android on Google Play.

Follow Above-Average Sterilization And Cleaning Procedures

This is something most dentists (and other healthcare providers) already do at their practice, but COVID-19 has made business owners and patients much more cautious of germs and cleanliness. Don’t fall short here; this time has changed some patients’ expectations and they will only go where they feel safest.

Don’t Let COVID-19 Stop You From Opening A New Orthodontic Practice

Many established and new businesses have greatly suffered during this time, but they don't have to. These tips are great if you want to succeed in opening and maintaining your new orthodontic practice during the pandemic and long after it.