Dentist office receptionist greeting a new patient

How To Easily Bring New Patients Into Your Dental Practice

If you want to keep patients coming on a regular basis so your dental or orthodontic practice remains busy, then you need to focus on providing the best patient experience you possibly can. In this article, we will discuss a few simple ways to improve your patient experience so that your established patients remain happy and the word gets out that new patients should visit your practice.

Offer Online Booking And Send Automated Reminders

COVID-19 has forced some dentists to introduce this option to their patients, but making it a permanent part of how you operate your practice is a fantastic way to improve your current patients’ experiences while also encouraging new patient visits at the same time.

We especially recommend this because even if your patients visit you for their hygiene and exam and book their next appointment as they leave, they might still forget by the time the next 6 months roll around. Further, sometimes patients will call to book an appointment only for the line to be busy. Let’s face it: your patients are busy. If you can’t answer their phone call right away, then when you call them back, they might be busy again and you’ll be engulfed in a long game of phone tag. Online booking, as well as automated text reminders, offer more convenience that encourages your patients to visit you on a regular basis and cultivates a better experience for both you and your patients. 

Send Surveys After A Patient’s Visit

Like with any business, customers/patients appreciate knowing that their opinion is valued because it means you care about catering to their needs as best as you possibly can. With that said, don’t send out surveys simply because you can. If you are going to send out surveys, please make sure to take the time to read your feedback and use it to continuously improve your practice operations.

Optimize Appointment Duration With OrthoPhoto

If you offer dental braces as one of your dental services, then you will see those patients far more often, which means you should make the most out of their visits with you during each adjustment appointment. OrthoPhoto is one of the many dental apps available, but it is specifically designed for orthodontists and dentists that offer braces. 

Rather than spending excessive time after-hours sorting through braces progress images, OrthoPhoto streamlines the process and automatically places photos you take on your smartphone into a pre-determined template that will be uploaded to designated patient files. Not only does this save you time, but it can also make your patient’s visit shorter and more pleasant. Here’s a bonus tip: if you regularly blog on your website, be sure to blog about how OrthoPhoto helps you practice better dentistry!

Download OrthoPhoto for Android and for iOS and enjoy improving the quality of your life while also reaping the benefits of additional patients!