Compassionate orthodontist checking patient's dental braces

What Patients Look For In A Good Orthodontist

As patients prepare to go back to their dentist, they may be considering switching dentists, which is great timing if you are looking to expand your dental practice and welcome new patients. Here is what patients look for in a genuinely good dentist or orthodontist besides their qualifications. 

A Compassionate Dentist

Unfortunately, some dentists tend to be closed off to their patients and just focus on performing the necessary treatment, but compassionate dentistry puts the patient’s comfort before anything else. 

Compassionate dentistry involves treating patients as more than a source of income and building a solid relationship based on trust and reliability. Before their appointment officially begins, we recommend for orthodontists to speak with their patients to see how they’re doing in life. Ask about any exciting news or plans and inquire about how their week has gone so far. 

During treatment, it’s always a good idea to walk them through the process. Explain what you’re doing, what your patient can expect, and tell them to let you know if something causes discomfort in their teeth or gums. This lets your patients know that you want them to be comfortable. Practicing compassionate dentistry encourages even the most introverted patients to feel safe telling you their concerns.

Modern Technology In Order For Orthodontists To Provide High-Quality Dental Care

In the last few years, orthodontics treatments such as Invisalign (and similar alternatives) have grown in popularity. Over the years, metal and ceramic dental braces have become lighter in weight so patients don’t feel as much pain or discomfort throughout their treatment. If dental braces are improving as the years go by, your technology should keep up.

This technology could include anything from:

  • 3D modeling (instead of typical molds for impressions)
  • New and improved 3D modeling for predicting and designing the course of your patient’s dental braces progress
  • Mobile applications that prioritize patient education
  • OrthoPhoto, our smartphone app that revolutionizes how orthodontists and general dentists who also offer braces can capture their patient’s dental braces progress

Instead of relying on a bulky camera and spending hours trying to sort dental records into your patients’ files, OrthoPhoto App streamlines this process by enabling dentists to take photos of all of their patients' braces progress right within the application. The photos are then automatically sorted into a pre-templated document that is easily exported and placed in the patient’s records. You can download OrthoPhoto for iOS here and OrthoPhoto for Android here.