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Re-opening Your Dental Practice Soon? Use This Time To Make It More Inviting For New Patients

As the economy re-opens, many dentists and orthodontists are preparing to open their practices to patients again and they’re also hoping to greet new patients. Here are some tips on how to use this time to make your practice more appealing for new patients.

Evaluate Your Team’s Workflow

Everyone cares about saving time, especially when they have to make time for doctor’s appointments. It’s no secret that doctor’s visits tend to be extremely time-consuming, and although most dentists typically have shorter wait times, this isn’t the case for all. Now is a great time to review your team’s workflow. Evaluate the synergy between your team and how efficient your dental practice is. By making sure your team is quick and efficient (without sacrificing the quality of service), your new patients will realize just how much time they save and how much more pleasant their experience is at your practice. 

Introduce New Dental Technology And Tools

Today, many patients are searching for modernized dental offices because it suggests that they will receive higher quality dental or orthodontic care. One way to incorporate modern dental technology is by downloading OrthoPhoto App, which is now available on Google Play and the App Store. This smartphone application transforms your dental record keeping. The app lets you take clinical images of your orthodontic patients’ progress throughout their dental braces treatment. What’s more, OrthoPhoto App automatically crops and sorts the dental photographs into a template designed to be easily exportable. Not only does this speed up and simplify the dental photography and dental record-keeping process so you don’t need to spend much time after-hours sorting through your images, but patients will surely appreciate the shorter visit.

Patient Education

Following the importance of technology and apps for dentists is the importance of patient education. No one typically likes going to any healthcare professional without being educated on what symptoms they are experiencing or what their appropriate treatment will be. Many healthcare practitioners will simply complete their treatment without paying attention to what their patients may be feeling, which will result in dental care that lacks compassion, trust, and understanding. There are a number of mobile apps for dentists, each of which aid in educating patients and building a relationship based on trust.

As you prepare to see new patients again, these are some great tips to keep in mind if you want to make your practice more appealing to new patients and if you want to stand out from the competition.