Young girl feeling anxious about her dental check-up

Helping Anxious Orthodontic Patients Feel More Comfortable

Dental anxiety is not unheard of. While very common, the best dentists and orthodontists have the right tools, training, and compassion to help ease their patients' nerves, especially now when there is additional anxiety for many due to the pandemic we are still getting through. In this article, we will offer some tips to consider when caring for anxious orthodontic patients. 

Easing COVID-19 Anxiety In Dental Patients

For patients who regularly deal with anxiety of any sort, COVID-19 anxiety on top of dental anxiety are a lot to bear. The best course of action in this case is to simply educate your patients on why it’s perfectly safe to visit their dentist. When patients are booking their appointment either on the phone or on your dental website, you can provide a message that breaks down the different procedures your dental/orthodontic practice is following. 

Exercise Compassion And Attempt To Understand Your Patients’ Perspectives

Many dentists are kind and compassionate, but they worry about asking too much when it comes to their patients’ comfort. It’s perfectly okay–and even encouraged–to ask your patients about their past dental experiences and understand certain triggers. Actively listening to your patients and taking notes of their concerns works wonders for easing them. Sometimes, anxious patients just want to feel heard because they weren’t at their previous dentist or orthodontist. 

Ensure Your Orthodontic Practice Is A Well-Oiled Machine

A smooth-running office is a great way to reassure your anxious patients that they are in a good place that cares about them, their health, and their time.

In addition to hiring only the most compassionate people to join your team, there are other tools you can implement that will help your anxious patients feel more comfortable and less stressed going to your office, including:

Installing OrthoPhoto To Save Your Patients’ Time And Help You Practice Better Dentistry

OrthoPhoto App, which is available on the App Store and on Google Play, automates the hours-long process of taking dental braces photos of your braces patients’ teeth throughout the course of their treatment and sorting them. Rather than relying on another dental braces camera, you can open the app, take the clinical images, and your device will automatically place each photo in the right patient file. Bonus tip: you can boost your dental marketing strategy by talking about how OrthoPhoto App separates you from other orthodontists, building the confidence your patients have in you. Further, because of OrthoPhoto’s ease of use and automatic saving, you won’t run the risk of losing your anxious patients’ files, and they won’t have to go back to retake their dental braces photos.