dental braces patient visiting the orthodontist

What You Can Do To Drive More Patients To Your Orthodontic Practice

All dentists worry about constantly seeing patients–old and new. A busy practice is a successful one, but with changes to insurance and families relocating for a number of reasons, dentists and orthodontists need to be proactive in positioning their practice as one that new patients MUST visit. In this article, we will discuss a few things you could do to improve your patient experience so that your established patients remain happy and new, potential patients pay you a visit.

Put Emphasis On Dental Marketing

Marketing is often overlooked, but in reality, it plays a crucial role in keeping your practice alive and thriving. Investing in a dental marketing strategy will ensure that you generate qualified leads so you can expand your business. Our affiliate Houston marketing agency, INFINI Marketing, is a Houston-based marketing company that offers dental marketing services, including dental website design, local SEO, digital advertising, and more.

Send Surveys After Every Patient Visit

Like with any business, customers/patients appreciate knowing that their opinion is valued because it means you care about catering to their needs as best as you possibly can. This is also a positive for business owners who can use this information to better their business. With that said, don’t send out surveys simply because you can. If you are going to send out surveys, be sure to take the time to read your feedback and apply it.

Optimize Appointment Duration With OrthoPhoto

If you’re an orthodontist, or a general/cosmetic dentist that offers dental braces treatment, then you will see those patients more frequently. Because of this, you should make the most out of their time during each appointment. OrthoPhoto is one of the many dental apps available, but it is specifically designed for orthodontists and dentists that offer braces. 

Rather than spending excessive time after-hours sorting through braces progress images, OrthoPhoto enables dentists and orthodontists to capture photos of their patients’ smiles through the course of their dental brace treatments right on their smartphone. Then, the app automatically places the photos into a predetermined template that will be uploaded to designated patient files. Not only does this save dentists and orthodontists time by streamlining the dental recordkeeping process, but it also makes patient visits shorter and more pleasant. 

Download OrthoPhoto for Android and for iOS and enjoy improving the quality of your life while also reaping the benefits of additional patients!