Dentist using smartphone to show photos of patient's orthodontic treatment progress for dental record keeping

OrthoPhoto Is A Must-Have Smartphone Application For Dentists And Orthodontists

There are many smartphone applications that are becoming available on a daily basis for both work and entertainment, including some specifically designed for dentists, and OrthoPhoto is one of them. Here is why all orthodontists and dentists who offer braces and Invisalign should download the app from the Apple Store or on Google Play.

OrthoPhoto Was Created By A Dentist For Dentists

Dr. Kathy Nguyen, a practicing dentist in Houston, has longed for an easier way for dentists to track their patients’ braces progress and maintain their dental records. She would often tell her husband that she wished there was some kind of mobile application for dentists that could capture, organize, and store the clinical images they take throughout a patient’s braces or Invisalign treatment for easy dental record-keeping. 

Dr. Nguyen, her husband, and his business partner envisioned, designed, and developed OrthoPhoto as a way to enable dentists and orthodontists all over the United States to save time and focus on more important things. OrthoPhoto has since improved the workflow at Dr. Nguyen’s office, and it’s their ultimate dream for orthodontists and other dentists who offer braces to experience the same.

OrthoPhoto Helps Dentists Save Time And Improve Their Quality Of Life, As Well As Their Patients’

Prior to OrthoPhoto, busy dentists and orthodontists had to upload countless photos, crop them, put them in a slideshow format, and send them via email to later be stored in their patients’ files. On average, a single patient may take 15 minutes or more, so multiple patients quickly amount to extra work after-hours and less time with loved ones. 

As a mobile app for dentists and orthodontists, OrthoPhoto has streamlined the tedious process of capturing and organizing braces progress images. Rather than relying on an expensive camera for dental photography–which may or may not produce good quality images–and spending 15+ minutes per patient, dentists can take their clinical images right on the application and rely on OrthoPhoto to do the rest! Now, patients spend less time at the office so they can get back to their daily lives, and dentists and orthodontists can leave work at a reasonable time so they can be with their loved ones, which is extremely important to Dr. Nguyen as a working mother of young children.

Thanks to OrthoPhoto App, dentists can have it all–they can dedicate time to providing better-quality care to their patients while also going home early enough to spend time with loved ones and make more memories.