Signs Its Time to Modernize Your Dental Office

Signs Its Time to Modernize Your Dental Office

We often get used to how our workplace looks and feel comfortable in it, so we don’t think about making any changes. However, first impressions are always going to be important, and any new competition that arises will make the effort to ensure their workplace is more modern. In today’s competitive landscape, modernness and efficiency are additional traits that your target audience is factoring in when deciding which dentist to go to. This may be due to the fact that modernity and efficiency suggest a better patient experience, so here are some signs that indicate it may be time to modernize your dental practice.

Your front desk team is swamped with paperwork and taking a long time to get patients signed in or out

Filing papers away in cabinets and drawers was once efficient, but now this method of record-keeping is asking for clutter. Often, the dental office staff are more focused on sorting through these documents, which is fair, except for the fact that this isn’t ideal for the patients that come and go. 

A good starting point would be putting new-patient forms on your website so that patients can be that much more prepared when they arrive. In the future, you may consider investing in software that helps you manage your entire practice in terms of appointments, team members, tasks, and patients. This will be handy when it comes to records, billing, and booking.

Your team seems scatter-brained and all over the place when attempting to complete tasks

Dental practices can get very busy, and while this is a good sign, being too busy may result in your team members not performing their jobs as well as they normally would. To remedy this, we recommend introducing scheduling blocks. Scheduling blocks allow team members to streamline their focus on one type of task instead of dedicating minimal attention to multiple tasks. 

For example, you may block 3 hours in the morning for treatments only relating to Invisalign Clear Aligners and dental braces, while your front desk team focuses on billing. This helps everyone at the office get more to-do’s done successfully.

When working on braces progress photos, you spend too much time after hours

Dentists and orthodontists often use a DSLR or a point-and-shoot camera for their dental photography, which highlights their patients’ braces progress. However, once they take the clinical images, they work after-hours to upload, crop, place them in a slideshow, and sort them into specific patient files. 

OrthoPhoto App automates this process so dentists can manage their clinical photos in less time. Using your smartphone, take your patients’ braces images right on the application. It automatically places the images into a template that formats them correctly into their respective patient albums. OrthoPhoto App was created by a dentist for other dentists so they can enjoy more quality time with their loved ones instead of being hunched over a computer.