Easily Improve Your Team's Workflow at Your Dentist Office

Easily Improve Your Team's Workflow at Your Dentist Office

Most of us will admit that our workflow could use some improvement. Maybe we can designate different tasks to different people; maybe we can rearrange our schedules a bit; and maybe we can automate some processes that simply take way too long, which would give us more time to focus on other tasks. If you are wondering about ways to improve the workflow at your dental office, then look no further.

Tip #1: Reconsider How Your Team Multi-tasks

Multi-tasking used to be an asset we all looked for in our team members, but the connotation of “multitasking” has changed. Working on multiple tasks at the same time has been proven time and again to be messy and inefficient. 

A revised method of multi-tasking would be to distinguish between what is important and what is urgent. What is urgent should always be done first. What is important can wait a little bit, at least until it becomes urgent. Another way to improve your dental office’s multitasking is by juggling related tasks as opposed to completely different tasks, which leads to our next tip...

Tip #2: Implement Time Blocks

Time blocks refer to blocks of time in which your team members focus on one kind of task. Maybe you focus only on dental fillings, or only on cosmetic dental procedures. Maybe your front desk receptionist focuses on billing for said time block. The good thing about time blocks is that they are fully customizable to what suits the individual or the team and can be adjusted as needed. Once the team is used to their time blocks, you will all notice a weight has lifted off your shoulders and everyone is far more focused and efficient.

Tip #3: Automate the Time-Consuming Task of Capturing Dental Braces Progress Images With OrthoPhoto

There are plenty of different mobile apps for dentists, each of which is designed to make them more efficient and improve the patient’s experience. OrthoPhoto is the newest dentist app, which allows dentists to take clinical digital images of their orthodontic patients. Instead of taking photos, uploading them, cropping them, and placing them into a slideshow–which takes a lot of time–OrthoPhoto App automatically does it with the snap of the smartphone camera.

The mobile application automatically places the images in the correct order and into a template that organizes them in the proper crop, which is then saved to the corresponding patient’s file. Dentists who treat braces patients no longer need to work after-hours to sort through clinical braces progress images. Download it today on the App Store, free for a limited time only.