dental braces patient showing her smile on an ipad mobile application for orthodontists

Recommended Smartphone Apps For Dentists And Orthodontists

If you have a smartphone, then you are well-aware that it seems like new smartphone applications are invented and launched nearly every day. There are plenty out there that are useful for entertainment but also for several practical matters. In this article, we will discuss some of the best mobile applications for orthodontists that aid in making their job easier and creating a more pleasant patient experience.

Dental Desk

Dental Desk is a mobile application for general dentists that specializes in answering questions regarding dental health concerns. This app covers nearly all general dentistry queries, such as issues with toothaches, dental implants, etc. Not only does this help dentists more clearly explain what may be the root cause of a patient’s health concern, but it also provides patients with some extra information on preventative care. 

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BraceMate is a well-loved app for orthodontists and general dentists to provide their patients with when it comes time for them to undergo dental braces treatment. Patients can use the application to create different patterns for their metal dental braces by manipulating the color of their brackets on the graphic in the app. Once they are pleased with the appearance of their dental braces, they can show their dentist. Additionally, this application teaches patients about the best ways to take care of their teeth while undergoing treatment, thanks to helpful guides. 

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For orthodontists and general dentists that offer Invisalign treatment, metal dental braces, and/or ceramic dental braces, OrthoPhoto App is a great asset. It’s essentially a braces camera that allows dentists to take their patients’ clinical images, which document their braces process as they undergo their treatment. Rather than utilizing a specific camera for dentists to take photos, upload them, crop them, load them into a slide show, and sort them into specific albums and files, OrthoPhoto App automates the process.

OrthoPhoto App automatically places the images into a template that organizes them in the correct format (crop, size, order) and places them in the designated patient file to help you save time and become more efficient. With our application, dental record-keeping just became a lot easier!

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