How to Improve Your Patient Experience at Your Dentist Office

How to Improve Your Patient Experience at Your Dentist Office

As dentists, we know that patient experience matters. Few patients may not think too much of it, but most do. A positive patient experience keeps them coming back for years and years. It also encourages new patients to visit you. How, then, do you ensure that your patient experience is a positive one? Here are a couple of our favorite tips.

Update Your Waiting Room

As we state in our article about how to modernize your dental practice, efficiency and modernity are essential and often synonymous. Patients may choose a competitor if they feel like your waiting room doesn’t meet their needs. The best way to remedy this is by taking their needs into consideration. 

For example, are you solely a pediatric dentist? Your waiting room should be bright with adequate toys and storage, but you should also have it in the view of where parents will sit so they can relax while still keeping an eye on their kids. Ensure their seating is comfortable and perhaps offer bottled water, books, or magazines as well. Additionally, if those parents work, it’s a great idea to have free wifi and possibly a table with outlets on top and chairs so they can get some work done.

Make Use of Available Technologies

Incorporating technology in your dentist office makes your team’s individual jobs easier, but it also makes your patients’ visits a breeze. Some technological features you may consider investing in include online scheduling that your patients can book if it’s more convenient for them, digital billing, medical practice management software, or OrthoPhoto App if you’re a dentist that also offers dental braces. You may also choose to download other smartphone applications for dentists that focus on patient education.

OrthoPhoto app is an affordable smartphone application that automates how you track your patients’ braces progress with dental photography. Using the app, you can take clinical images of your patients’ braces progress and OrthoPhoto will automatically crop and sort them into a template designed in the correct format for dental patient records. Now, instead of spending a lot of time after-hours organizing your braces images, you can focus on enjoying that time with loved ones. You can buy it here

Better Patient Experience Means Better Patient Retention

We have more tips coming, but this is certainly a good starting point for giving your patents a more pleasant visit. Dentist appointments are dreadful for some, but they don’t have to be.